The best TV series in history

There are a lot of TV series today. The question is how to choose a worthy film, the viewing of which you definitely won’t call a waste of time. So, the best TV series in history that will interest you, regardless of their age or yours.


An American adventure series based on the comic books of the superhero Green Arrow. Billionaire Oliver Queen goes missing after a shipwreck and is eventually declared dead. It turns out that the hero survived. He returns to his hometown and becomes an avenger. Armed with arrows and a bow, Oliver Queen decides to fight crime and correct the mistakes of his family without any mercantile interest.



Drama series consisting of 6 seasons. The plot describes the lives of young people who live in an elite area of New York. These are boys and girls attending an elite school. They watch the blog of the mysterious “Gossip Girl”, and it is from it that they learn about the quarrels, suffering, friendships and relationships of their peers.



The comedy show “Clinic” at one time became the founder of a new format of medical series. The main character of the film, Dorian John, after studying at medical school, gets a job as an intern at a clinic. His friend from college, Chris Turk, immediately decides to work there. The young specialists have no practical work experience, but there is more than enough chaos in the hospital.



The series became a two-time winner of Emmy and Golden Globe awards. The story centers on Navy Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody. He was considered missing for 8 years, but after 8 years of wandering and the war in Iraq he returns to his homeland. The viewer also meets Nicholas’s friend, Carrie Mathison, a CIA spy. Matheson is suspected of involvement in preparing a terrorist operation in America.


Not new, but an interesting series is included in various ratings, although it was released for only one season. At the center of the story is a former military man, and now the captain of a small spaceship crew. He makes a living from petty crimes and transporting various goods.


Downton Abbey

The most successful British series. The plot centers on events of the early 20th century. The heir to the title of Earl of Grantham dies during the sinking of the Titanic. The family of the deceased believes that the capital and possessions will pass to the eldest daughter of the count. But the count thinks differently – he plans to bequeath his inheritance to a distant relative.

Sharp objects

American short series, which includes 8 episodes. The plot centers on journalist Camilla, who travels to her small hometown to investigate the brutal murder of a sexy schoolgirl. After returning, she comes to her parents’ house and faces reproaches from her mother. It turns out that Camilla’s current not very favorable mental state is the result of childhood trauma. She’s getting closer to unraveling the mysteries…

Why women kill

This serial film must be included in the list of the best TV series of all time. The action takes place in the same house where Desperate Housewives was filmed (director alone), but 10 years later. The plot centers on three different families united by one misfortune. We’re talking about adultery. The narration turned out to be very non-trivial and fascinating. In general, we recommend it.


The series follows the life of sex lover and writer Henk Moody. The plot, of course, is comedic, but sometimes as you watch it it’s not funny at all. There are censored and obscene versions.

Parks and Recreation

A relatively new genre for modern TV is the comedy mockumentary. Official Knope Leslie one fine day realizes that his activities are not bringing any benefit to society. Then she decides to start developing an abandoned quarry and turns it into a full-fledged recreation and cultural area. An inflexible bureaucratic system, of course, greatly complicates the task, but difficult does not mean impossible.

Mad Men

The famous series, which won the Emmy Award 4 times in the category of best drama series. The plot revolves around employees of an advertising agency in America. The time of action is the 60s. It turned out spectacular, beautiful and, no less important, on the topic of the day.

True Blood

Drama series for those who love dark humor. He received various prestigious awards, and for good reason. The events take place in the small town of New Orleans. The Japanese invented synthetic blood, and vampires no longer needed to kill mere mortals. Moreover, a couple of years ago, vampires left their coffins en masse and decided to officially declare their rights. People were not ready for such a turn, and not every vampire ultimately kept his promise.

True Blood


In 1986, the largest accident occurred – the explosion of a nuclear reactor. Firefighters arrived at the scene of the disaster, but they were not prepared for such a turn of events. The local leadership assures Moscow that the situation is under control, but this appears to be a complete misconception. Legasov and Shcherbina go to check the situation. And 2 years later, on the anniversary of the accident, Legasov commits suicide property.

The Knick

The series is a find in the genre of medical drama. Its action takes place at the beginning of the 20th century, when electricity was just being installed in big cities. Doctors decide to experiment with drugs, use cocaine as an anesthetic, and an ambulance arrives in horse carts. In general, not trivial, but why not?


The drama series tells the story of a group of people who want to survive on a dangerous island after an airliner crashes. There are a total of 6 seasons, each definitely deserves your attention. Popular actors and filming in Hawaii made the series one of the most expensive in the history of television.


Another series that will definitely appeal to fans of dark humor. There are other names – for example, “Unlucky”, “Bastards”. The plot revolves around a modern group of teenagers who are friends, love, suffer, betray, quarrel, make peace, try forbidden things and more. The realism of the lives of English teenagers is complemented by a fantastic plot on the theme of superpowers that the guys received after a strong storm.

Twin Peaks

In this good old series, the viewer will get acquainted with the life of a small provincial town in America. It is populated by eccentric, naive and very friendly people. In the first episode, Laura Palmer’s naked body is found wrapped in plastic wrap. During a storm, strong waves washed him onto the shore of the lake. Local police are investigating. There are no outlines yet, but very unpleasant details from the life of the town are being revealed.

How I Met your mother

A very successful American sitcom. The show started in 2005 right after the end of Friends. Critics and ordinary TV viewers did not appreciate the ending of the new TV show, but overall the program turned out to be very, very rated. We definitely recommend it to lovers of comedy shows.

How I Met your mother

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The action takes place in America in the 50s. Mariam Meisel is a very charming, incredibly caring and simply beautiful housewife. Her life is two children and a husband. But one day the husband admits that he had a mistress a long time ago and leaves for her. Miriam is disappointed in herself, her life and the choices she made earlier. She drinks at the club, goes on stage and tells the crowd about her sadness. But stand-up turns out to be comical, and the girl finds herself in the profession.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

The television series consists of three parts. The historically dramatic story takes the viewer back to the times of the Roman Empire. The plot contains a lot of scenes of violence and eroticism. The staging of gladiator fights deserves special attention.

Doctor Who

The pride of British cinema and a truly high-quality sci-fi series. The plot centers on the inhabitants of the planet Galifrey. Doctor Who travels around the galaxy in his spaceship, at times saving earthlings from aliens. We recommend it to connoisseurs of the genre.

American Horror Story

The series renewed TV’s interest in the horror genre. Each season is a separate story. At first, the story centered around an old haunted mansion, then a mental hospital, a maniac, a journalist, a coven of witches, a circus of freaks and a mysterious hotel. Changing locations makes the seasons original and different from each other.

Prison Break

The television series tells the story of Mike’s heroic act, who went to prison to save his brother, who was sentenced to death. The film lasts for 5 seasons, but it is so interesting and dynamic that it definitely won’t be boring.

The Big Bang Theory

Also the best series of recent years and also a sitcom from a famous American channel. He occupies high positions in the ratings. The adventures of the beautiful waitress and the nerds are watched by viewers from 70 countries.


The main character of the series is a maniac killer who administers justice. He searches for criminals who managed to evade responsibility for illegal actions, brutally deals with them, cuts them into pieces, and then throws them into the sea. The series received many prestigious awards.


British television series about the adventures of detective Sherlock Holmes. Everything about it is beautiful – the main character, his sharp mind, and the modern interpretation of the old plot. Holmes lives in London in the 2000s and works there. Currently 4 seasons have been filmed.


A television adaptation of the Coen brothers’ popular film of the same name. Lorne Marvo passes through the small town of Bemidji, where he meets the cruelest insurance salesman, Lester Nygaard. The series received Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

House of cards

The series was launched by David Fincher. An ambitious congressman, in exchange for a promise to receive the post of Secretary of State, helps Walker Garrett become President of America. But after the elections, the head of the administration reports that the position, alas, is occupied. The main character and his wife take the path of revenge.

Dr. House

Probably everyone knows about Dr. House. Hugh Laurie gained worldwide fame thanks to this role. At the moment, 8 seasons have been filmed, the creators say that there will be no continuation.

Breaking Bad

An American series that has been leading the ratings for many years. The chemistry teacher has earned himself a cult status due to his unique ability to transform from a quiet family husband into a true drug lord.

True Detective

Classic television series written by Nic Pizzolato. He masterfully combined a classic detective story and meditative arthouse. The usual procedural eventually turned into a full-fledged cinematic format.

Game of Thrones

Perhaps this series can be considered one of the films of all times. From the first season it was in great demand, subsequent episodes also immediately received audience awards and prestigious awards. Many Thrones actors are very successful in Hollywood, and it was this series that brought them popularity. The film is notable for its explicit sex scenes.


The good old comedy series closes our rating. Filming lasted from 1994 to 2004, all episodes can be viewed on the Internet. By the way, the series is still broadcast on TV. If you haven’t watched it, it’s worth doing.

Have you already decided what you will watch?