Kate Winslet: Top 10 Movies

The wonderful Kate Winslet is getting closer and closer to the achievements of Meryl Streep – not in terms of age, of course, but in the fact that almost every film with her participation will soon be able to be nominated for an Oscar without even looking. Choosing the best films with the participation of the unfading “English rose” Kate, taking into account these circumstances, is a rather difficult task. But still, in today’s material, we will make an attempt to do this.

First, a preliminary remark: in this rating, Kate’s role is considered primarily, and not the film itself. These films are selected according to the originality of the image and acting skills – how close to authenticity this or that role is. And it also takes into account the fact that this role contributed to the film industry in general.

Now to business. The 10 best roles of the unique and brilliant Kate Winslet are offered to the discerning moviegoer.

It is not for nothing that they say that revenge should be thought out – it should be an exquisite dish that is served only cold. The main character of this film is accused of murder. After many years, she returns again, but now in the image not of a simpleton, but of a sophisticated and stylish socialite. At first, fellow citizens are suspicious of the new seamstress, but Kate’s character still manages to win their trust. However, the further development of events is already taking place in accordance with the idea that was conceived by the guest at first.

For a more authentic performance of the role, Kate attended cutting and sewing courses. Her work in front of the camera is more than convincing: she takes measurements and creates patterns professionally. And with the Zinger sewing machine, the actress handles it so deftly, as if she was born with it.

Titanic (1997)

Of course, many viewers regard this film as “pop”. It is not easy to argue with this opinion; after all, if you look at the plot from a distance, the love story of a girl and a boy on a ship looks a bit melodramatic from the very beginning. But on the other hand, who can deny that at one time this movie attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers to TV screens as if by magic? And the reason for that is not money or 11 Oscars won, and not even a terrible audio track from Celine Dion. The main gem of the film was Kate Winslet, and such roles are extremely rare for even the most famous actresses.

Finding Neverland (2004)

The script of this dramatic film was written according to real events: it was based on the events that happened to the writer D. Barry, who created the famous image of Peter Pan. The main male role went to Johnny Depp, and Kate played the female role. Her heroine is a muse who continues to inspire her unlucky husband, who cannot get rid of troubles in various areas of life.

Carnage (2011)

The director of this film is R. Polanski, whose hands created a masterpiece, almost entirely woven from oral conversations. The events of “Massacre” take place within the framework of only one apartment. And this is an excellent condition for the cast to demonstrate their best talents. And, of course, Kate showed herself in the best light.

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

The film, based on the classic work of Jane Austen, in the filming of which several prominent British movie stars took part. Winslet got the passionate role of Marianna, who served as the “antipode” of her sister Elinor, who was used to being guided by her mind (played by Emma Thompson). Despite the tension in the relationship, the heroines bravely go through all the problems; their play is a pleasure to watch despite all the conflicts and strife. It is pleasant, first of all, because of the excellent performance of both actresses and Kate in particular.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

This tape is considered one of the most unusual. Jim Carrey played an unusual role for himself. Kate also starred in an atypical role for her. The film raises primordial questions about why love relationships are needed, why people find each other. Such questions are banal, but the film gives completely original answers to them. Kate’s sumptuous performance perfectly complemented this noteworthy film.

The Life of David Gale (2003)

Alan Parker has a lot of difficult stories in his piggy bank, which often acquire the status of epochal ones. At least they do not leave moviegoers indifferent. The participants of the filming have to give their all to please the demanding director. In this film, the pair of Kate Winslet and Kevin Spacey shows how much a person can sacrifice himself for the sake of standing up for justice in a merciless system of jurisdiction.

The Reader (2008)

One of Kate Winslet’s best roles, for which she was rightfully awarded an Oscar. Several time lines resonate in this difficult story. A young man has warm feelings for a mature woman who gives him his first sexual experience. But does he know what his beloved’s past is? Her sad and mysterious look hides so much; it turns out she was actually a concentration camp guard in the past. The young man himself is a lawyer, and he has to study ast in the trial over the heroine Winslet.

Steve Jobs (2015)

Another relatively new role for Kate. In many ratings, this film has an honorable place among the best films of 2015. The actress plays the role of a patient assistant to the great Steve Jobs, enduring all his eccentricities. But sometimes the heroine’s restraint comes to an end. Kate decides when exactly to give vent to the accumulated feelings, and she does it incredibly convincingly.

Revolutionary Road (2008)

Many believe that DiCaprio played one of the best roles in this film. But Kate Winslet here also shines brighter than the stars in the sky. However, it cannot be said that this film is only a romantic path of a loving couple. It is difficult to find similar drama and burning feelings that tear the soul to pieces in modern cinema. The most amazing thing is that this story can happen anywhere – even behind your wall, in the apartment next door.

So, we hope that we have convinced our reader of the value of Kate Winslet’s acting contribution to the treasury of world cinema. We wish you a pleasant viewing: stock up on popcorn, turn on the TV and enjoy her game!