Infographic: The Evolution of the Batmobile in Film

The Batmobile is an integral part of the Batman comics. The Dark Knight has been using a special car since 1939. But at first it was Bruce Wayne’s ordinary red car.

This vehicle acquired special qualities in 1941. Then he got a super-powerful engine, a ram in the front and a stylish Bat logo on the hood. This car is based on the Cord 812 car, and besides the ram there are no features in it.

The Batmobile for the legendary 1966 Batman TV series was based on the Ford Futura concept car. Long “wings” at the rear, a windshield in the form of two caps – the car almost did not need to be modified. This Batmobile is considered almost an idol among Batman fans, like the 1960s comedy series itself, where the mustachioed Joker and Batman with the Bat-Shark Repeller meet.

In 1989, Burton’s first Batman film was released, and with it came the new Batmobile. The chassis is from an Impala, the engine is a Chevy V8, a completely new custom body and a bunch of bells and whistles. Monitor, diagnostic system, CD player, voice control. It could fire bombs, fire machine guns, and rip enemy tires with its retractable blades on its wheels.

The Batmobile from the 1995 film Batman Forever was designed to resemble a living creature – even the ribs are visible on the side. In keeping with the new, vibrant disco style of the film, many of the details in this Batmobile have been highlighted. He could even ride along walls, launching shootable cables at a target above and throwing his body with a jump engine.

In 2005, Chris Corbould and Andy Smith built another Batmobile commissioned by Nolan. The eye-catching, tank-like car caused mixed reactions among fans: it was too uncanonical.

In 2016, a new part of the hero’s adventures was released, in which Batman and his car appeared. Zack Snyder’s Batmobile is similar in concept to Nolan’s version. For example, Batman’s car also has impressive dimensions and a sizable arsenal of weapons. This car has a sportier design.

An infographic from LoanMart visually demonstrates the evolution of this iconic car.


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