Horror TV series: 10 films that will deprive you of sleep

A dozen spectacular horror series of recent years that have received good reviews from viewers and critics.

The Haunting of Hill House

The series is dedicated to a mysterious mansion that even the bravest avoid. Once upon a time there lived a wealthy family who wanted to retire in silence after the noisy city. However, mystical events occurred in this house, as a result of which everyone died. After this, the mansion acquired a bad reputation. Several people tried to settle in it, but after the first nights they fled from there in horror. Each of them then said that some unearthly creature lived in this house.

The film was directed by Mike Flanagan (“Ouija: The Curse of the Devil’s Board,” “Gerald’s Game”). The patriarch of the horror world, Stephen King, called the series “almost brilliant.” And on IMDb the film received an impressive 9.1 points.


The series was created in an anthology format – each episode told a new story with different characters. The film is filled with burnt witches, killers with a pickaxe in bloodthirsty hands, invisible murderers, aristocratic vampires and killer doctors. In many of the stories in this series, it is difficult to discern where fiction ends and truth begins.

The executive producer of the film was Gale Anne Hurd, who previously worked on The Walking Dead and the Terminator franchise.


The film takes the viewer to a small American town by the sea called Bristol Cove. Almost all of its local residents are engaged in fishing. Among them there is a legend about sirens – underwater inhabitants who look like ordinary women. It turns out that this legend is not so far from reality. The calm and measured life of the fishermen changes dramatically after a woman appears among them and behaves very strangely. She turns out to be a sea dweller who has come to take revenge on the lustful fishermen.

Channel Zero

The series consists of several unrelated plots. In one, a psychologist investigates how a popular TV show might have been influenced by something other than the mass disappearance of children in a small town. In another, a woman finds herself in an endless house from which it is impossible to escape. In the third, sisters Zoe and Alice find themselves in a city where terrible events are happening. And in the fourth, the newlyweds find a mysterious door in the basement, from behind which comes the secrets that they so carefully hid from each other.

Critics noted that this series awakens children’s fears. The series was created by Nick Antosca, known for the TV series Hannibal.

The Purge

The dystopian series tells about the events of 2022. The American government introduces a rule that allows people to throw out all their pent-up anger within one night (12 hours). No laws apply during this time. Many people use this opportunity to kill their enemies, because there is no punishment for this. The plot of the series centers on a group of people from different social levels. Each of them is trying to survive during this terrible night.

Evil things

The film features several plots with paranormal phenomena, which, according to the creators of the series, are based on real stories. At the center of each story is an object imbued with supernatural powers. In one episode, a couple of young people film mystical creatures that enter their bedroom. In another, a guy encounters a mysterious clock that counts down time. And in the third, a man awakens supernatural powers with the help of notes he finds in the attic.

Castle Rock

One of the most talked about horror series of 2018 is about the small fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. Its inhabitants keep many terrible secrets. Mystical events occur here with terrifying regularity. Some local residents believe that the cause of all these troubles was their sins, while others attribute everything to a banal coincidence. However, most believe that the nature of these misfortunes comes from supernatural forces.

The series’ script is based on stories from Stephen King’s novels “It”, “Dolores Claiborne”, “Needful Things”, “Dreamcatcher”, “Night Shift”, “The Green Mile”, “Misery”, “The Shining”, “Four Seasons” “and others. One of the screenwriters and producers of the film was J. J. Abrams (“Star Trek”, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: Episode IX”).


The film is about a guy named Kyle Barnes, who is possessed by otherworldly forces. Reverend Anderson performs exorcisms on him, trying to return Kyle to normal life. The series is created by Robert Kirkman (“The Walking Dead”).

Beyond the Walls

The French series is about a girl named Lisa who is experiencing financial difficulties. Suddenly, she inherits a huge abandoned house from an unknown man. However, the very first night spent in this place turns into a real nightmare for the main character. While in this house, she constantly hears some strange noise, and behind one of them finds the door to the labyrinth.


One of the longest-running horror series, which has already successfully survived 14 seasons. It tells the story of two Winchester brothers who travel across the United States hunting for evil spirits. The stories of the paranormal phenomena they encounter are based on legends and folklore. The film was loved by audiences around the world due to its lightness, humor, and characters from the fantasy world.


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