The best castles and fortresses in Ukraine

A trip to Ukrainian castles offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this amazing country. Here are a few reasons why you should go on a tour of Ukrainian castles:

Historical Significance: Ukraine is rich in historical sites, including majestic castles. Visiting these places will allow you to learn about the rich history of Ukraine, its cultural traditions and the influence of different eras.

Architectural elegance: Ukrainian castles are distinguished by a variety of architectural styles, from Gothic and Renaissance to Baroque and Classicism. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful architecture, exquisite details and decorations of the castles.

The beauty of nature: Many Ukrainian castles are located in picturesque places, surrounded by natural landscapes, green fields and expanses of water. A trip to castles will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and natural beauties of Ukraine.

Legends and mysticism: Many castles in Ukraine have their own legends and mystical atmosphere. You will hear interesting stories about ghosts, secrets and riddles associated with castles, which will add a little mystery and intrigue to your journey.

Entertainment and Activities: Some castles offer a variety of entertainment and activities for visitors. This could include guided tours of the castle, craft workshops, the opportunity to try on medieval costumes, concerts or theatrical performances. You can plunge into the atmosphere of the past and feel like a part of history.

Castles of Ukraine: list of places worth visiting

Kamenets-Podolsk fortress, Khmelnitsky region.

This medieval fortress, rising on a rocky hill, amazes with its grandeur, beauty and rich history. There is evidence indicating that the castle existed during the times of Kievan Rus. In the 16th century, when the fortress was under Polish rule, all wooden fortifications and walls were replaced with stone ones, and it was at that time that the castle acquired its modern appearance. The twelve large towers, strong walls and ancient relics that are kept here are definitely worth your attention.

Фортеця Кам'янець-Подільська

The Kamenets-Podolsk fortress will be of interest to both adults and young tourists. Here you can plunge into the atmosphere of an ancient fairy tale, try your hand at archery, take a photo with an owl, make a clay cup yourself, taste bread baked in a clay oven according to ancient recipes and, of course, take stunning photographs.

The fortress looks especially impressive in the evening when the lights turn on. By the way, on Saturdays and Sundays there are night tours of the castle, which will leave an unforgettable impression. Come!

Khotyn Fortress, Chernivtsi region.

Just 27 kilometers from Kamenets-Podolsky is the Khotyn Fortress, one of the most beautiful fortresses. It is located on a flat section of the southern bank of the Dniester River. From the opposite bank it looks like a small dollhouse on a postcard, but in fact the fortress is huge: its walls reach a height of 50 meters and a thickness of 5 meters. It’s really worth seeing.

Хотинська фортеця

Once you arrive, it is recommended to join a tour to explore the courtyard buildings, including warehouses and barracks, as well as the outer bastions and towers. On the territory of the fortress there is also a small torture museum, where the most common medieval torture instruments are displayed. In the very center of the castle courtyard there is a huge well, 65 meters deep and almost 3 meters wide, which still contains water.

The Khotyn fortress is popular among fans of historical reconstructions. Here military maneuvers, massive horse battles are held and the siege of the fortress is reconstructed using authentic siege equipment.

Lutsk Castle, also known as Lubart’s Castle, Volyn region.

This castle is depicted on the reverse side of the 200 hryvnia banknote. No one can say the exact age of the fortress, since long before the construction of stone walls, wooden fortifications already existed in this place. However, the brick construction was initiated by Prince Lubart in the 14th century. The construction of the fortress took more than forty years, and it became a truly reliable fortress.

Луцький замок

Lutsk Castle is a striking example of Ukrainian medieval defensive architecture and previously consisted of two parts: the Upper and Lower Castles. Only a few sections of walls and one tower remain from the Lower Castle, but the Upper Castle is preserved in better condition. It is recommended to take a walk around this historical place, go down into the dungeon, visit several museums and be sure to climb the towers.

Mukachevo Castle (Palanok Castle), Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region.

This medieval fortress rises on a volcanic hill 68 meters high. It is one of the five European fortresses that have never been taken by storm. The castle received its second name, Palanok, because it was previously surrounded by oak fences. During its history, the castle had several owners, each of whom added and restored it to my liking. As a result, the castle acquired an eclectic three-story appearance that looks completely different from different angles.

Мукачівський замок

You can wander around the castle on your own, but we recommend taking a guided tour to fully experience the medieval atmosphere.

There is also entertainment for tourists: souvenir shops, the opportunity to take pictures in costumes and points selling ice cream.

Schönborn Castle, near Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region.

This hunting castle was built by the Austrian counts of Schönborn in the Romantic style with Gothic elements and has still perfectly preserved its external and internal appearance. Its elegance and harmony of architectural forms captivate visitors.

Замок Шенборнів

Schönborn Castle, like many European castles of the time (built in 1890), has an astronomical structure. The number of windows in the castle corresponds to the number of days in a year, 52 rooms symbolize the number of weeks in a year, and 12 entrances and exits reflect 12 months. Currently, the castle is a sanatorium, so not all details of its interior are available for inspection. However, tours are held in the library and fireplace room. The park around the castle is open for walking. Here you can see an artificial lake, the contour of which originally followed the contour of Austria-Hungary.

Olesko Castle, Olesko village, Lviv region.

This castle, although one of the smallest in size in Ukraine, is known for its excellent condition and care. The age of this building exceeds six centuries, and here you can feel the atmosphere of the past. Inside the castle there is an exhibition of the Lviv Art Gallery, where in addition to paintings you can see interesting wooden sculptures. They are presented both inside the castle and in its surrounding area. It is recommended to take a walk throughout the castle grounds, which look beautiful at any time of the year.

Олеський замок

Olesky Castle is popular with both Ukrainian and Polish visitors. It was here that their most famous king, John III Sobieski, was born.

Podgoretsky Castle, Lviv region

In Ukraine there are artificial analogues of famous world attractions: for example, the castle in the village of Podhirtsi is often compared to the luxurious Versailles. This is because its architectural elegance is in no way inferior to the best palaces of the Renaissance. Come and take a tour, it’s very educational.

Підгорецький замок

Sugar Castle, Kharkov region

In the Kharkov region, just an hour’s drive from Kharkov, there is an amazing attraction known as the “Sugar Castle” – the Koenig palace and park complex, created at the beginning of the 19th century. This snow-white palace in the Gothic style attracts photographers, lovers of unique architecture and simply romantics.

Цукровий замок

Its legend makes this place especially attractive. They say that the arboretum was built by a sugar factory for his wife. Even in winter, flowers grew in this park to please his luxurious wife. However, she fell ill and went to the sea for treatment, where she began an affair with an officer. Having learned about his wife’s betrayal, the husband installed a 6-ton stone in the garden so that she would always remember her grave sin. Walking through the old estate, you can see this stone. Local residents believe that if you touch it and wish for your most cherished wish, your wish will certainly come true. On the territory of the estate there is also an oak tree aged 600 years, which knows all the secrets and what really happened here.

Akkerman Fortress, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Odessa region

On the rocky cape of the city of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky there is an ancient medieval fortress. Its mighty walls and towers are surprisingly well preserved. Each of the 34 towers had its own purpose: for defense, housing or food storage. Of particular interest to visitors is the Citadel with its four impressive towers. Previously, there was a commandant’s yard, the city treasury and a gunpowder warehouse.

Аккерманська фортеця

The Akkerman fortress today is a favorite place for tourists. Here you can walk for hours, enjoy the view of the estuary and imagine yourself in the past. In addition, knightly tournaments and theatrical performances are often held on the territory of the fortress, which especially pleases young travelers.

Radomyshl Castle, Radomyshl district, Zhytomyr region.

Among the list of beautiful castles is the building in Radomyshl. This is the only castle in the world with a miraculous foundation: it stands on a granite rock from Paleolithic times.

Although Radomyshl looks majestic, in fact it is not an ordinary castle. In the 17th century, there was a papirnya – a paper factory. Today, visitors to the complex are offered a variety of activities. You can take a tour and learn about the fascinating history of the castle, see the collection of Ukrainian household icons in the museum, hear the legend of a ghost monk who wanders through the hall of the old papirna and reads prayers. In addition, you can climb the bell tower and make your wish (they say it will come true). You are also invited to take part in class on paper making and take home a souvenir made with your own hands.

Замок Радомишль

The castle and its surroundings have everything you need for relaxation. A beautiful landscape, unique plants, a cozy shop, picnic tables and a river await you. Here you can go boating, try your hand at crossbow shooting, enjoy fishing, and in winter go skiing and sledding.

Замок Радомишль

Visiting Ukrainian castles is a unique experience that will allow you to feel the spirit of the past, enjoy the beauty of historical buildings and be imbued with the richness of Ukrainian culture.



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