10 best Scandinavian TV series of recent years

British and American TV series are more popular and in demand among viewers. But in the northern countries, even more atmospheric serial films have recently been shot. They can never be confused with anything else, perhaps because of the incredible nature against which the events take place, and perhaps because of the severity of the events described.

Forbrydelsen (2007-2012)

A detective named Sarah Lund was planning to move with her lover to Sweden, but was forced to urgently stay in Copenhagen due to a grisly police discovery that turned into a large-scale investigation. The main suspect in the murder of a young schoolgirl, to whom almost all available evidence points, becomes Truls Hartmann. He proposed his candidacy for the post of mayor of the city. However, as events unfold, it turns out that not everything is so simple in this terrible case, and the killer was probably guided not by political, but rather by personal motives.

A special feature of the series is that the story is shown to the viewer from three points of view: the police officers involved in the investigation, the family of the deceased, and the candidate for mayor, who is also one of the suspects.

Jordskott (2015)

In a mysterious forest, near the village of Silverhoyd, a little girl, the daughter of the main character Eva, got lost. Unable to stay at home any longer, the girl’s mother leaves the village. Seven years after this incident, Eva returns to her native land to bury her father, who committed suicide.

At home, she learns that another child has disappeared in the forest. This time a boy, the son of the director of a local pulp mill. Long searches do not yield results. It became clear that the water management was carefully hiding some secret. Eve comes up with a crazy idea: “What if her girl is still in the forest? What if she’s alive? In collaboration with the police, Eva tries to understand what lies in the beautiful forest, shrouded in ancient legends.

Spring Tide (2016 – …)

Olivia, the daughter of deceased police detective Arne Renning, is a talented student at the police academy. She was given the summer task of solving a mysterious murder case of a pregnant woman that happened twenty-five years ago. Her father was in charge of the investigation. Back in 1987, three unknown assailants brutally murdered an expectant mother by burying the woman up to her neck in sand on the uninhabited coast of the Swedish island of Nordkoster before a very strong tide.

Having found materials collected by her father in old archives, and having learned that after Detective Renning, Inspector Tom Stilton was involved in the investigation, who eventually closed the case, Olivia decides to find him to clarify some details. Deciding to invite Stilton to join forces to try to bring the long-forgotten case to an end, the heroine goes in search of a former inspector who has long since lost his job and become homeless.

Occupied (2015 – …)

In the near future, Russia decides to take over its northern neighbor, Norway, in order to become the main importer of oil to other states. The official reason for the temporary occupation at the request of the European Union is the restoration of uninterrupted supplies of oil and gas to Europe. But the Russians plan to retain control of production while keeping social conditions in the country unchanged.

As a result, life in Norway is changing dramatically. Local authorities and the people themselves began to change under the influence of the occupiers. What has become normal is that the country now speaks three languages. And the lack of money led to a substitution of true values. The authorities have changed the direction of the state and it seems that the country will never get out of this situation.

Nobel: Peace at Any Cost (2017)

Lieutenant Erling serves in an elite special forces unit. After completing his next assignment in Afghanistan, he returns to Norway. He was tired both physically and mentally. No longer able to watch the countless losses and massacres of soldiers, he hurries to find peace in his own home. However, he never managed to rest. A day after his arrival, news comes that his comrade is in danger.

Now he needs to make a difficult decision: hide and wait for a response from an unknown enemy or try to find out the details of the incident and save his friend from death. He cautiously begins to conduct a private investigation and soon realizes that his wife is involved in what is happening.

Mammon (2016)

Peter Veras is a journalist who has thirsted for the truth and only the truth all his life. In the editorial office where he works, there are legends about his incorruptibility and integrity. One day, Peter receives unique information about thefts and financial fraud in a very large company. He decides to conduct his own investigation into the strange machinations and, to his surprise, discovers that his friends and family are involved in all these dark affairs.

The personal life of a journalist is under threat, because he cannot betray his principles. However, careers are now also under threat, because people do not want their secrets to be revealed.

ences in the media. On the one hand, he cannot betray his brother, and on the other, Norway has never seen such a scandal.

Trapped (2015 – …)

Not far from a tiny Icelandic town, the mutilated body of a man is found. At the same time, a storm raged in the city and a snowfall began that even the oldest residents did not remember. A blizzard literally cuts off the city from the rest of the world. Thus, all the townspeople find themselves in a death trap, the “keys” to which are in the hands of a cruel maniac.

The local police have to rely only on their own strength, and the few local residents have to worry not only about the maniac, but also about the elements.

Lava Field (2014)

A local wealthy businessman was found murdered in his own fashionable mansion. The police are throwing all their efforts into investigating this strange case. However, she never manages to track down the criminal. Soon, not far from the very house where the crime was committed, a lava field is discovered.

The find is very alarming to law enforcement, because people in the field begin to disappear without a trace. The case involving the murder of a businessman takes on a completely different scale and Inspector Helgi, who is considered the best detective in all of Iceland, is involved in the investigation.

Follow the Money (2016)

A man’s body has been found near one of Denmark’s largest wind farms. Policeman Mads Justesen is assigned to investigate this case. He is known for his mysterious past, which his colleagues know nothing about. The detective immediately rejects the version of an accident, believing that the man was deliberately killed and everything was set up to make the case look like a sudden death. Mads has to delve into the details of the life of the deceased. And soon the director of the successful Energreen company becomes the main suspect.

The Legacy (2014)

The death of the famous artist Veronica Gronnegaard was unexpected for the entire creative world. The legacy of the great artist remains in the hands of her descendants. Her four children, living on a small island in Denmark, have gathered, and now they are faced with a difficult task: how to properly divide the property left after the death of their mother.

It turns out that the deceased gave clear instructions before her death. All wealth must pass into the hands of a young girl named Signe, who was once given to another family to be raised. The characters learn a lot of new things that change their lives.


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