Ukrainian soldiers: Photos of war heroes

The whole world admires the courage of the Ukrainian army, who confront the large Russian barbarian army. Ukrainian heroes are selflessly fighting against the ruined Rus, winding their guts around their elbows in the east and south of the country. At the same time, in the north of Ukraine, the attacks of the finished orcs were completely broken. According to the same scenario, battles will end in other regions of the country. After all, Putin’s schizophrenic hallucinations that he will bend Ukraine under him are doomed to a shameful failure. Moreover, this Kremlin scum has fewer and fewer weapons at its disposal every day. And his army consists of one-celled morons, Satanists who rape ten-year-old girls, freaks who rob grandmothers and nonhumans who are ready to kill people for a salary of 25 dollars. These bastards simply don’t stand a chance.

The army of heroes-Ukrainians opposes this washed-up Rusna. Courageous, strong, proud, irresistible superhumans. Instead of a thousand words, photographs from exercises and from the battlefield speak beautifully about them. These guys perform real feats every minute. We have selected photographs of Ukrainian soldiers that eloquently show the whole truth about our heroic army.

Now there are a lot of adherents of the military style. In other words, it means wearing or posing in a military uniform or clothing that looks like a uniform. Men and women who prefer this style not only choose outfits, but also adorn themselves with matching accessories. Photo shoots in military style look very impressive and memorable, especially for men.

What clothes are best to choose

For a military-themed photo shoot, the choice of clothing that emphasizes the figure and makes the man even more attractive is ideal. Leather jackets favored by military pilots, aviator goggles or khaki pants are the essentials that pair perfectly with slim-fitting white or black T-shirts. A special place in this style is reserved for shoes. Berts or rough boots not only look good in the frame, they add charisma to a man, and if the photo shows a mature alpha male, then this style will allow you to lose 10-15 years.

Props and background

What is the best backdrop for a military-themed photo shoot? Well, of course, the steppe, mountains or desert. The main color here is a natural earthy shade, which adds liveliness and naturalness to the whole picture. The main requisite of such an environment can be a machine gun or an army knife, which must be held at ease, as if it were simple and ordinary for the hero in the frame. Equipment can be added. These can be bulletproof vests, helmets, flasks and cartridges. Of the accessories, it is best to choose wide belts and bring them around the neck accordingly. Usually military people have these tokens with the name, rank and blood type.


To make a man look more masculine in the frame, it is best to prepare several aggressive poses that you can rehearse at home in front of a mirror. Demonstration of strength, aggression or militant mood only best reflect the inner world of the hero in the frame. You can watch your favorite films on a military theme, where the characters necessarily use prepared poses. They can be taken as a basis.

The cost of the photographer’s services

A high-quality military-style photo session should be carried out by an experienced photographer. When leaving the area, the price may be slightly less due to the lack of special props and lighting.


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