For almost a quarter of a century, the popular actress Julia Roberts has been included in the leading group of the most beautiful women in the world. And there is no need to make allowances for age: the charming beauty is still active and young. Julia has a lot to learn, because the actress turned 55 on October 28, 2022.

It is all the more surprising that in her youth Roberts was rather plain, especially her large mouth stood out. In addition, as a girl, Julia did not part with big glasses. She was whiny and often depressed. How did the actress manage to turn into a fatal heartbreaker? The star makes no secret of his personal life and shares positive advice with the whole world.

Natural and relaxed

The girl never considered her external flaws critical, having worked out her signature smile, she turned her lips into a real juicy bud, and this without any intervention from plastic surgeons. It was for her recognizable friendly smile that the audience fell in love with Julia. Surprisingly, the actress does not use cosmetics, relying on the generous gifts of nature.

She also did not suffer from shyness at all and always tried to actively go towards her intended goal. Roberts has long been indifferent to the opinions of others. She listened sensitively only to the closest people.

The secret of success: the wealth of the inner world

Julia has tempered her own character since childhood, because she simply had no other choice. The girl’s parents lived in poverty, and the family also had an older brother and sister. Later, the parents’ marriage broke up. After that, the father married another woman. Relations were good, but quickly ended tragically. Julia’s stepmother died in an accident, and her father suffered from a serious illness and survived his second wife by only three months.

The future star had to grow up early, temper his character and learn life without embellishment. Already at the age of thirteen, the girl began to work in a pizzeria, while studying at school at the same time. Strengthening the character made of Roberts an energetic individualist. But she managed not to lose her love for her family and humanity. According to the actress, a positive attitude has always helped her overcome obstacles and achieve her goal.

Don’t cross the line between attractiveness and lasciviousness

It turns out that the sexy girl never aspired to be naked in front of the public or stage partner. In the sex scenes, the actress was replaced by an understudy. But this did not stop Julia from having many fans, among whom one could meet such heroes as Liam Neeson, Kiefer Sutherland and Matthew Perry. The first marriage of the actress turned out to be unsuccessful. Happiness smiled at Roberts in her more mature years. The union with Daniel Moder, a cameraman, brought the newlyweds twins, and then a third child. Two sons and a daughter, this is Julia’s future hope.

Despite the popularity and the reference figure, Roberts does not pay attention to the splendor of clothes. Comfort is important to her, so she prefers jeans most of all. Julia leads a healthy lifestyle, regularly jogs, is fond of yoga. The main thing is to love yourself and loved ones and never be afraid to insist on your point of view, the actress says.