Sleeping with my student
Sleeping with my student

The year 2020 will be the most barren in many areas. And cinema is no exception. Many premieres are postponed. A long series of films that are still being shot are frozen in a state of freezing. Only a small part of the tapes managed to be released this year. And among them there was a place for paintings that showed the most intimate aspects of life. Well, sit back and watch the sexiest movies of 2020.


Three forty-year-old friends behave so liberally, sexually and defiantly that it is difficult for the stronger sex to resist them. So, Cecile, Sonya and Elise – free and bright blondes – go to a luxury villa on the coast to relax and have fun for several days. Here they have fun to the fullest. Soon they were pecked by sexy youths who experienced ladies are suitable for in their mothers. But this does not stop either brave guys or mature women. Reckless lovers are ready for dizzying adventures that will shock the presentable audience on the Cote d’Azur…


Sleeping with my student

A young woman, raising her daughter alone, gets the post of principal. She worked a lot for the sake of raising, which will allow her to solve financial difficulties. Having gone with friends to the bar to celebrate taking office, the heroine is pretty seasoned with alcohol. Soon she met a young handsome guy with whom she ended up spending the night. The next day, she learns that he is a high school student who is studying at her school. The woman understands that she made a very big mistake, but is no longer able to fix anything. As a result, she finds herself in the grip of a teenager who, as it turns out, blames her for the death of her father …

365 days

The film is based on the best-selling Blanca Lipinski. In the center of its plot is a young, handsome boss of the Sicilian mafia family Massimo Toricelli. After the murder of his father, he is forced to assume his duties. Laura Belle is the sales director for a luxury hotel. She is successful in the profession, but in her personal life she lacks passion. Laura makes the last attempt to maintain a relationship. Together with her partner and friends, she flies to Sicily. She does not expect Massimo, the most dangerous man on the island, to abduct her and give her 365 days to fall in love with her. Of course, one of the most colorful tapes in the collection “The Sexiest Movies of 2020″.


May organizes an exhibition of the works of her mother Christina, who was a photographer. At the exhibition, May meets Mike. He wants to prepare extensive material about the exhibition, but perhaps he has other motives for being here.

Beach in Miami

Easy summer comedy tells the story of two young guys Jonah and Elijah. They live in a gloomy Romanian city. Once in the middle of winter, the guys go to Miami to live the American Dream and get rich quick.

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