The topic of sex is a bottomless source of inspiration that invariably entices screenwriters. The pinnacle of skill is to shoot erotic scenes so that they do not repulse, but attract, beckon with the beauty of love relationships. As a rule, movie ratings are formed by critics, but this collection is special – it was compiled by a psychologist. The scientific view of films differs from the philistine, so well-known films cannot be found on the list. But each film is interesting in its own way.

This Top 12 can be a great tool for developing inner freedom and sexuality.

Lover (1991)

The rating opens with a sensual picture based on the novel by Marguerite Duras. The story is about a quivering and passionate love that is born contrary to social norms and class prohibitions. You cannot find excessive sentimentalism here, but everything was shot beautifully and delicately.

Events are developing in colonial Vietnam, where an impoverished French family lives with a fifteen-year-old daughter. One day the girl returns to her boarding house after a vacation and meets a handsome and wealthy Chinese man on the ferry. He makes an impression, gives the girl a lift to the boarding house. The feeling flares up almost instantly and soon they become lovers.

Marriage between them is impossible due to the social and cultural gap. Plus, a Chinese man is engaged to a woman of his equal status in society. The couple knows they have no future. They themselves are trying to convince themselves of the need to part. In the finale, he marries, she returns to her homeland. And years later, she will receive a letter with his confessions of eternal love.

The Dreamers (2003)

The erotic drama based on the novels of Gilbert Adair is imbued with the spirit of the sexual revolution. Eva Green made her debut with this picture. The film is juicy, frank, emotional and shocking. In the story, an American Matthew comes to France on a student exchange program. He often goes to the movies, where he meets peers Isabelle and Theo.

They seem to be relatives, but on close acquaintance, it is clear that the French connection borders on incest. Three of the students create their own world full of sex, psychology and cinema.

“My Best Lover” (2005)

American dramatic comedy about the relationship between Rafi and David. They have a noticeable age difference, which is very embarrassing for Rafi. She shares her thoughts with the psychotherapist Lisa. The doctor advises to surrender to passion and enjoy. Then she changes her mind when she finds out that Rafi is dating her son.

The result is an honest, strong and frank picture of real life with subtle notes of psychotherapy.

“Sexual Chronicles of a French Family” (2012)

A film about Claire and Hervé’s family. They dedicated their lives to raising three children. These are real Puritans who, for the time being, avoid sex education of their offspring. Everything changes after the scandal with his son. He is on the verge of exclusion from school, as he was caught in a school class, satisfying himself and filming the process on a phone camera. Now parents have to openly address the topic of sex education and bring up the intimate life of each family member for discussion.

There is a lot of sex in the picture, frank and uncomfortable scenes that help to show the characters of the heroes and realize their sexuality.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

A feature film by Stanley Kubrick, which was the finale in the relationship between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Journalists considered the main reason for the gap to be the getting used to the actors in the role of spouses tired of life.

Bill Harford, a successful doctor and exemplary family man, is happy with his faithful wife Alice. Suddenly, the beloved admits that she dreams of intimacy with another person. These words come as a shock to Bill, but the shock borders on sexual arousal. Smoothly, the spouses go to self-knowledge of each other.

The picture definitely gives emotions, but not always positive ones.

Indecent Proposal (1993)

A picture after which questions arise in any pair. Moreover, both to the partner and to yourself. This is an uncomfortable, obscene and very beautiful picture with an open ending.

In the story, a married couple of David and Diana Murphy arrives in Las Vegas. Young people are head over heels in love with each other and are burning with the idea of ​​building a joint home. There is not enough finance, and breaking the bank in Vegas is the couple’s ambitious goal. At first they are lucky, and then luck turns its back, the spouses lose all means. It’s time to go home. but Diana is noticed by the imposing billionaire John Gage, who makes that very obscene offer – a million dollars a night. Murphy proudly refuse, but then each of the spouses thinks about the proposal and begins to doubt. In the end, they agree, and after that the marriage goes downhill.

Perfect Strangers (2016)

A bright, unusual, open and honest film that the closest ones turn out to be strangers to each other. Seven best friends – three couples and a single – get together for a dinner together. For fun, they decide to play a game – to read aloud all messages and receive calls on the speakerphone. The game starts off with fun, and then hidden secrets are revealed. At the end of the dinner they seemed to know again each other.

There are no sex scenes, explicit shots in the film, but the tape seems to expose each character. A sea of ​​energy and eroticism in every moment.

Spring Hopes (2012)

Another film about a married couple who lost their fire in a relationship. Kay and Arnold have been married for over 30 years. They turn to a psychologist to understand their desires and feelings, but are faced with a very unusual approach to therapy.

A light, lyrical, life-like film with a pragmatic but understandable view of marital sex.

“Young and Beautiful” (2013)

A sexy, sensual, unusual tape about a schoolgirl who practices prostitution with wealthy clients. Isabelle is young and beautiful. And she is also secured and free. She expresses her teenage rebellion in an original way – she registers on a dating site and sleeps with rich men for money. She has no feelings. Tenderness and love are unknown to her.

One day, Isabelle’s client dies during the act. The secret infatuation becomes apparent. Isabelle is undergoing psychotherapy, but is still in search of herself.

“Intimate Dictionary” (2003)

Englishman John Truscott after his studies goes to practice, wishing to change the life of the wild natives of the English colony of Sarawak. The guy is faced with an unusual custom of the tribe – he is provided with an “intimate dictionary” – a mistress who will help him get used to and learn the language.

John hesitates to accept such a gift. He falls in love with Selima, but cannot marry her due to local laws. Circumstances lead young people to different parts of the world, but feelings do not allow them to live in peace in the distance.

“Masters of Sex” (2013-2016)

American TV series about the life and work of famous sexologists of the last century – Virginia Johnson and William Masters. They investigated the cycle of human sexual responses leading to and following orgasm. The script is based on an autobiography, so that data and research features are conveyed with precision.

Masters and Johnson are not only a scientific tandem, but also a couple with complex romantic relationships. And their theme of work is conducive to mutual knowledge. The subjects add interest to the plot – married couples, people with intimate problems, representatives of non-traditional orientation, prostitutes.

“Treason” (2015)

A Russian TV series with a very bold theme tells about life, retribution, acceptance, betrayal and sex.

In the center of the plot is a simple woman – Asya, who downright beckons a man with her inner energy. Asya has a usual appearance, work, figure. But Asya loves herself, loves sex and quite sincerely loves all her men. She has a husband and three lovers. And then a friend appears from the past, who probably condemns Asya a little. But her friend does not realize that she is indirectly guilty of the way Asya lives now.

The series is realistic, philosophical, stylish. This is a new look at the image of a woman in a couple and a bold assumption that sex is not only pleasure, but an instrument of revenge, a means of acceptance, the first step towards love.