The list of the scariest horror films of all time has been published.

The BuzzFeed portal has compiled a rating of the scariest horror films in the history of cinema. The list includes 38 films. The rating was formed based on comments from portal readers.

Topping the list is the 2009 film “The Collector,” directed by Marcus Dunstan. The classic horror film features a maniac who collects torture instruments. He brings this terrible prop from the arsenal of the Spanish inquisitors to a rich mansion, where he captures all its inhabitants in order to test his favorite collection on them.

Second in the ranking was the horror film “The Woman in Black” (2012) starring Daniel Radcliffe. The film takes place at the end of the 19th century. Young widower Arthur Kipps leaves his three-year-old son in London in the care of a nanny. And he goes to an abandoned mansion to collect all the documents necessary for its sale. However, residents of a nearby village strongly advise Kipps not to go into the house and hide the children in the basements. The reason for their fears is a woman dressed in mourning who brings misfortune.

In third place was the film “Mirrors” (2008), a remake of the South Korean horror film “Through the Looking Glass”.

The top ten also included the films “Pet Sematary”, “Locked Up”, “Poltergeist”, “The Fog”, “Halloween”, “The Grudge” and “Strangers”, “It” (2014), “It” (1990) , Down , Saw , The Descent , The Exorcist , Insidious , The Hills Have Eyes and Rosemary’s Baby .


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