“Metamorphoses”: Naked painted people

Body art artists Jörg Duesterwald and Leonie Genet, together with photographers Uwe Schmidt and Laila Pregizer, created an amazing project called “Metamorphoses”.

The nude models were painted in the color of their surroundings to blend in with it. Thus, the masters proved to the whole world that the human body is an integral part of nature.

According to the authors of the series, makeup was applied to the models directly at the shooting location. And the resulting frames could not be processed in a graphics editor.

The expressive effect is impressive – the viewer is invited to think about his own body. About its forms and plasticity, physical capabilities and limits – as a part not of the city, but of living nature.

In nature, many animals are able to mimic. Paint your body in the colors of surrounding objects, literally getting lost in the landscape.

The most diligent masters of natural camouflage are insects. Butterflies merge with the bark of trees; a praying mantis is indistinguishable from a stick.

And the most famous genius of mimicry is the chameleon. Despite its rather large size, this lizard can blend in with literally anything.


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