20 best TV series of 2023

2023 has brought us a staggering variety of television productions. We would like to present to your attention a list of 20 TV series that captivated viewers with their exciting plots and amazing performances by the actors.

Fleishman is in trouble

The story centers on Dr. Toby Fleischman, whose life is turned upside down after the disappearance of his ex-wife Rachel. Mixing humor with deep analysis of broken relationships delves into the complex emotions of the characters. Each viewer will draw his own conclusions after watching the television series.

Star Wars Visions

Season 2 features exciting stories about characters in the amazing Star Wars universe. Each episode promises unexpected twists, exciting battles and encounters with amazing creatures. The series will appeal to fans of science fiction.

A Small Light

The television series tells the story of a Jewish family during the Holocaust. Miep Gies bravely saves the Franks from the Nazi threat, embodying the power of kindness and survival in extremely difficult conditions. This story reminds us of the value of every life and the need for support in difficult moments.


A stunning representative of the Korean black comedy, in which the problems and contradictions of the characters flare up after an unexpected collision. The series perfectly conveys the atmosphere of rage and despair, while remaining sincere and funny at the same time.

Happy Valley

The end of the exciting saga of Catherine Cawood. In the final season, the fate of the policewoman is intertwined with intrigues that require courage and determination. The result is an exciting finale that leaves few people indifferent. So it’s definitely worth watching.

Only Murders in the Building

An exciting season with the inimitable Steve Martin and Martin Short. Each episode is a new twist in the cycle of secrets and mysteries, virtuoso roles and a skillfully woven plot. If you like edgy stories, be sure to watch this TV series.

Boiling point

In the new season, promising chef Carly is at the center of events. The main character continues to raise the bar at her Point North restaurant, facing new challenges and opportunities. You’ll learn how Carly strives for culinary excellence while bringing a fresh perspective on the culinary arts to the restaurant.

A fascinating journey into the world of reproductive medicine through the eyes of twin obstetricians. Family secrets and complex medical dilemmas create dizzying twists and turns. Each episode of the series has an atmosphere of mystery, and the main characters are forced to make difficult ethical decisions.

Perry Mason

The television series once again immerses us in the dazzling Los Angeles of the 1930s. New investigations and court intrigues await the main characters. With each episode, the tension only increases, and the riddles become more complex. Viewers will truly enjoy watching it.


The emotional climax of the crime drama about the fate of two brothers shackled by fate in the picturesque landscapes of Scotland. In search of redemption, they are drawn into a deadly game. For them, the most important thing is to find the truth. The main characters have to go through many tests.


The television series continues the exciting story of the ambitious chef Carmen Berzatto. His culinary exploits and passion for success create an atmosphere of intrigue and passionate discovery. The multi-part film immerses the viewer in the wonderful world of gastronomy.


A family drama about a media empire, in which intricate intrigues are intertwined with the skill of the actors. Each episode brings its share of tension and unexpected turns, keeping the viewer in excited anticipation. The television series allows you to look at many things differently.

Top Boy

The final part of the epic about the struggle for power in the drug world of east London. Emotional encounters and character decisions infuse events with energy and exciting twists leading to a dramatic conclusion. The series constantly keeps you in suspense.

The last of us

An apocalyptic video game adaptation where the heroes face the walking dead and a constant threat. Difficult decisions and the search for means to survive shape the fate of the characters in this merciless world. If you are a science fiction fan, be sure to watch this television series.

Poker face

An exciting detective sitcom starring Charlie, who has an incredible gift for solving mysteries and deception. Her unconventional methods of solving crimes add unpredictability and humor to the plot. Charlie exposes the deceivers, and each episode brings new exciting moments and makes you smile.


A dark comedy about a professional assassin pursuing an acting career. The show mixes dark humor with deep emotions. The hero searches for his place in the world while facing moral dilemmas and danger. If you want to know how it all ends, be sure to watch this series.

I’m a Virgo

The multi-part film will tell about a teenager with amazing abilities who fights for justice. The path of a brave girl is full of difficulties and moral elections. Viewers will experience the thrill of watching the fight to protect the city from evil.

The Gallows Pole

It takes you back to the 18th century, where residents of an English settlement have to fight for survival in conditions of poverty. The dramatic saga tells of incredible trials that shape the characters’ characters. Each person expresses himself in his own way.

Blue lights

The television series dives into the atmosphere of police work, presenting it in an unexpected light. Investigating various crimes requires hard work and mental acuity. The outstanding acting adds realism and depth to the film.

Colin from Accounts

A funny comedy about unusual relationships in the office. Colin and colleagues discover similarities and differences. A dog adds its own funny touch to situations. If you like light and relaxing TV series, check out Colin in Accounting.

It is worth noting that 2023 will boast many exciting and interesting series. The serial films we reviewed not only entertain, but also make us think about important aspects of human destiny. No matter your preference, there will be something on the list that will capture your attention.


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