Amber Heard: 10 best films of the actress

Amber Heard’s creative biography developed gradually. The young actress began by participating in episodes and small roles in the television series “Jack and Bobby,” “The Mountain” and “The O.C.”

The actress’s first leading role was in the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, released in 2006. After this film, Amber Heard starred as a supporting actress.

But she really became popular after starting a relationship with actor Johnny Depp. The future spouses met on the set of the film “The Rum Diary.” The actors dated for about three years, and in February 2015 they officially became husband and wife.

The family life of Depp and Heard looked like a Hollywood fairy tale to fans for 15 months. However, in 2016, the “fairy tale” ended. In May, the spectacular couple broke up. Amber filed for divorce, accusing her husband of violence.

Jake Tyler left his hometown and school, after which he and his family moved to Orlando. All for the sake of his younger brother, who strives to build a career as a tennis player. But in a new city, Jake feels lonely. Once he was even beaten by local hooligans.

He dreamed of taking revenge on his offender. And by the will of fate, I met a martial arts teacher, Jean Roqua. Now he will teach him everything he knows. But on the condition that Jake will not use his skills for personal gain.

North Country (2005)

Josie returns to her hometown in Minnesota with her children Sam and Karen. She managed to escape from her husband, who repeatedly raised his hand against her. Now Josie is returning to her parents.

Her father, Hank, is embarrassed by his daughter because the girl became pregnant at 16. The rest of the town’s residents share the same opinion, so they do not accept Josie into their community.

The woman’s only friends are the married couple Kyle and Glory Dodge. They took Josie in and promised to find her a job at the mine. The girl quickly finds a common language with other women at the mine. However, she becomes the main target for provocations from Bobby Sharp, her ex-boyfriend since school days.

Alpha Dog (2005)

The film takes place in the town of Claremont in California. Local young drug dealer Johnny Truelove is surrounded by money, booze and girls. Together with the members of his gang, Johnny spends his life in continuous parties.

However, one of his gang members owed him a considerable amount. For this, Johnny destroyed his house and then kidnapped his younger brother. And for this in the states they give life imprisonment, which Johnny really doesn’t want.

Zombieland (2009)

The USA is destroyed by a zombie outbreak. The earth has turned into a real Zombieland, overpopulated by the living dead who roam the world and destroy all who survived. One of the survivors is a simple American botanist who did not leave the house for a very long time during the holidays.

The guy develops a certain set of rules and hits the road, exterminating zombies. He soon meets a future ally who takes incredible pleasure in killing the walking dead. They begin their journey together.

In 1988, a small-town Texas team made a thrilling journey to the American Football Championship finals. This team was one of the best in Texas history. A coach named Gary Gaines built his defensive tactics around his main star, a talented football player who plays forward on the team, Boobie Miles.

However, in the first game, Boobie Miles was seriously injured and was unable to participate in the rest of the season. Now the team’s success depends on how quickly Coach Gaines can develop new tactics and how quickly the players master them.

The Rum Diary (2010)

An adaptation of the novel of the same name by cult journalist Hunter Thompson, The Rum Diary describes the story of the talented publicist Paul Kemp.

The events of the film take place in the 50s. Unable to withstand the world of gloss, full of lies, hypocrisy and constant competition, Paul decides to leave his prestigious job in one of the New York publishing houses and go to Puerto Rico.

Once in the small town of San Juan, Paul begins to get used to his new life. In it, rum, debauchery and drugs are valued higher than any human values. The journalist checks into an old hotel, where he hides from the heat and does not part with a bottle of alcohol.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Mandy lives in Texas. She is an incredibly attractive girl, so all the kids in the area are in love with her. But she does not reciprocate any of them. One day, new acquaintances invite the beauty to spend the weekend together.

Mandy prefers to spend time alone. But this time she agrees. A friendly company of young people goes on a trip. No one could even imagine how it would end.

London Fields (2017)

The film’s plot centers on the beautiful Nicola Six. The girl knows how to drive men crazy thanks to her gift of foresight. The girl is sure that one of her lovers will become her killer.

The development of the heroine’s love relationships with her men is closely observed by the writer Samson Young. He hasn’t been able to write a single line for 20 years. Miss Six’s life inspires him to write a new book.

When I Live My Life Over Again (2015)

The events of the film revolve around the young rock star Jude. She cannot cope with self-realization in New York and decides to return to the family estate. The heroine of the comedy drama makes her final decision when she is evicted from her apartment in Brooklyn.

Now the girl is forced to return to Hampton. Her father, musician Paul Lombard, lives there with his new wife Lucille, youngest daughter Corinna and her husband Tim.

Aquaman (2018)

The boy Arthur grew up as an ordinary child. His mother is a woman named Atlanna, and his father is a lighthouse worker named Tom. His mother, dying, revealed a secret to him. It turns out that she was the Queen of Atlantis, expelled from her kingdom in the distant past.

The mother promised the boy a great future in the underwater world. And his father did everything possible to teach him to cope with his abilities. It is unknown whether he will succeed in becoming the King of Atlantis, but he has already become a superhero.


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