The best films about Rome

The Eternal City has often become the hero of films. Filmmakers from all over the world never cease to admire the charms of its ancient architecture, as well as how the cozy antiquity on its streets is combined with modern buildings. Even more attention in films is given to the colorful coloring of the inhabitants of this city. Selecting just ten for the list of “Best films about Rome” is not an easy task, because there are several similar collections of masterpieces filmed in this city.

The Great Beauty (2013)

The film tells the story of successful writer Jep Gambardella, who leads an idle life in the Italian capital. He constantly has fun with friends, stays up at parties, walks around the city and goes to dinner parties. The main character is trying to find true beauty in the world. However, he constantly stumbles upon the decay and decline of the bourgeoisie, in whose circles he himself is hopelessly stuck. In this film, the director sculpts a kind of fresco, divided into a great many pictures and characters personifying the rotten decadence of modern Rome.

The film won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, four European Film Academy prizes, as well as a number of other prestigious awards. Many critics noted that this film is a free remake of Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.

The Talented Mister Ripley (1999)

At the center of the plot is a guy named Tom. He strives to live beautifully. One day he meets a very rich man who entrusts Tom with a difficult task. The main character must go to Italy, find his son and return him to America. The reason for this plan is that Dickie is wasting his money there. When Tom arrives in Italy, he meets Dickie and his attractive girlfriend. They soon become friends. He uses these relationships for personal gain.

This film was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, and also grossed several times its budget at the box office.

Angels and Demons (2009)

The film is based on the novel of the same name by writer Dan Brown. The film continues the adventures of Professor Robert Langdon, who previously investigated the secrets of the Louvre. In Angels and Demons, the professor is taken to Italy, where he takes on the story of the unspoken son of the Pope, an Irishman named Patrick. One day he decided to restore the greatness of the Catholic Church. To do this, Patrick had to resort to extreme measures. He staged a conspiracy of the enlightened and in their name committed the murder of his father. After that, he kidnapped four cardinals, who could also come to the throne of power. In addition to all this, Patrick stole anti-matter from the European Nuclear Research Center, which can be used to blow up the tomb of St. Peter.

The Young Pope (2016 – …)

The ten-episode film tells the story of a fictional Pope named Lenny Belardo. He is quite young for his position. He is also the first American to lead the Catholic Church. He has a rather complex, contradictory character. This is expressed in conservative views bordering on obscurantism, and genuine compassion for the weak and poor of this world. In addition, he makes it clear to those around him that he is not going to take into account the opinions of the influential courtiers and government representatives around him. He makes all important decisions based solely on his opinion. As a result, he decides to challenge the rules of the church by which it has lived for centuries. The film shows the sophisticated intrigues of the Vatican.

Men of Rome (2003)

This picture is a string of scenes, the heroes of which are the rich and the unemployed, young and old, representatives of different nationalities and professions. The capital of Italy is shown here with humor and excitement. Its streets are filled with colorful characters, and spicy aromas emanate from the windows. Here people fall in love and break up, talk a lot, arguing with themselves, rush and fuss, grumble and fight for their rights, and someone is keen on reading erotic poems and carries them with them.

One of the best CIA agents, Napoleon Solo, takes on a new case. His special operations are legendary, and the only one who can compare with him in his ingenuity is the young and promising KGB agent Ilya Kuryakin. They zealously oppose each other. Gradually, the rivalry between special agents develops into a real war. However, in his new business, Napoleon Solo is forced to team up with his enemy. Together they will have to confront a terrorist organization that has created a nuclear bomb.

To Rome with Love (2012)

In this film, several everyday stories are intertwined with the participation of both the Romans themselves and foreigners. For example, a lost lawyer and a tourist girl meet, which ultimately leads to their parents meeting. A young married couple spends their honeymoon in the Italian capital and makes plans for the future, meeting very interesting people. A successful architect meets a student and becomes nostalgic. An ordinary office employee unexpectedly becomes famous throughout the country.

An almanac of romantic short films that tell stories from life in the Italian capital. Seven short stories were shot by famous directors who had previously received prestigious awards at film festivals. The plots of this almanac are dedicated to first, later and eternal love. One of the short films is about a schoolboy who, with the help of his imaginary friend, tries to win the attention of a girl he really likes. And the other tape is dedicated to old acquaintances who find a common language, despite all the contradictions.

Sweet Life (1960)

A masterpiece by director Federico Fellini, which won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The plot of the film takes place in the 1950s. The main character of the film is journalist Marcello, who actively moves in the circles of the elite. He enjoys authority among his colleagues and attention among women. One day, one of his good friends commits a terrible suicide. And this event radically changes the life of the main character. Not a single selection of “The best films about Rome” can do without this masterpiece.

Roman Holiday (1953)

A classic film starring Audrey Hepburn. The famous actress played Princess Anne in the film, who arrived on an official visit to Rome. Her schedule is strictly scheduled and in just a few days she must visit factories, meet with journalists for interviews and make acquaintances with the city elite at parties. However, the young lady decides to take a walk around the city on her own, resulting in her losing her way home. Thanks to this, she meets a cute guy named Joe, who dreams of meeting this princess. However, he has no idea what she looks like and does not recognize Anna.

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