Scenes of Tom Cruise’s characters running in films have been put together in one 19-minute-long supercut video. This way the creators of the video proved that Cruise is another word for action.

Throughout his career Cruise has starred in approximately 40 films. Almost every film Cruse appears in – is characterized by dynamic scenes, where his character is seen moving from one place to another, chase sequences, fight scenes, shoot-outs and fast-paced action. That’s what his film franchises like Mission: Impossible and Jack Reacher, as well as stand-alone movies like Knight and Day, Edge of Tomorrow and War of the Worlds are famous for.

Cruise’s latest film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is already playing in cinemas across Ukraine. The reboot of the Mummy franchise starring Cruise is expected to premiere next year.

Tom Cruise has won several Golden Globe Awards. Although he has received three Oscar nominations, until now he hasn’t won an Academy Award.

Previously Burger Fiction – the creators of the Cruise running supercut video – published a video-montage of all the kicks Jason Statham performed in his films.