Unusual Lego sculptures you’ll want to replicate

Nobu Tary is a Japanese designer who specializes in creating fantastic sculptures from Lego pieces. Among his creations you can even find characters from Star Wars. One thing in particular is catching people’s attention: his delicious-looking food collections made entirely from ordinary plastic blocks. Try this at home!

The 27-year-old Japanese designer has become famous throughout the world for creating fantastic sculptures from plastic Lego parts. As his fans say, Tari has an incredible talent, thanks to which plastic parts become elements of realistic dishes. The master was able to prove that the Lego constructor can be intended not only for games, it can also be used for art. Food sculptures are of particular interest to the public. The Lego sculptor carefully hides his identity, so he works under the nickname Tari. As the sculptor himself states. His collection includes more than a hundred original sculptures, but not all of them are related to dishes and food.

Original work of the sculptor Tari

Looking at the master’s “dishes” you will involuntarily feel hungry; they are very realistic, as far as possible, considering that multi-colored plastic construction blocks were used to prepare them. The food collection made from Lego blocks includes fruits, vegetables, sweets, bento boxes, and even everyone’s favorite fast food. Thanks to the imagination of a Lego sculptor, he was able to include almost all food groups in his collection. Among Tari’s latest masterpieces, you’ll find a mouth-watering bowl of rice accompanied by fried shrimp. The combination of white blocks for rice and orange blocks for shrimp looks very impressive. By the way, this particular work took first place in the competition for the most original Lego model. No less impressive is the Lego broccoli inflorescence, created from many small green parts.

More complex work is a bento box, a bowl of rice and fried fish, or a delicious slice of pizza, which has a very realistic representation of melted cheese made from hard Lego cubes.

According to Tari, he has been practicing his craft since childhood, he really likes this activity, he strives to become a certified master designer, a professional Lego sculptor. By the way, there are only 40 such master builders in the world. Tari is ready to continue to develop further and delight his fans with new Lego masterpieces.

As mentioned above, Tari’s collection includes not only food and food, but also other products, for example, he creates Gundam robots, as well as everyone’s favorite characters from Star Wars. The master’s works are liked not only by children, but also by adults, who look at each new masterpiece with curiosity and look forward to the next works of the original and creative Lego master.


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