Красивий секс

Many films exploit the theme of sex. But only in a select few, explicit scenes are not just the satisfaction of lust, but real art. These are exactly the scenes we have collected in the “Beautiful Sex” collection. Every frame in these scenes sparkles with insane passion.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

A sudden kiss is like an explosion, because unbridled desire is stronger than any words. Pleasant feelings gradually spread through your body… And you will remember torn clothes and unexpected intimacy longer than a pre-thought-out rendezvous.

Astronaut’s Wife

When there is no time to explain. But no one seems to need conversations.

Game of Thrones

Nobody knows what a woman really wants. However, if one day you decide to knock on her door, you can make both of you happy.

007: Skyfall coordinates

Even a blood-curdling action movie is a breeze to watch if it has a sex scene in the shower.

50 shades of grey

You can make a full-fledged selection from this film: love, tenderness and dominance are intertwined and create an amazingly beautiful tandem. Therefore, if you dream of trying everything at once, the filmed trilogy will give you many ideas for an enchanting night. A must-have film in the Beautiful Sex selection.


-Where are you going, madam?

– To the stars.

Everyone who watched the love story of Rose and Jack remembers the handprints on the foggy glass. And although a happy ending is not about the Titanic, the moment of their intimacy definitely had a happy ending.

Pretty Woman

This happened while Richard Gere was playing the piano. Of course, not all men play musical instruments, but everyone can feel like a virtuoso. The female body willingly gives in to sex, strong hands and persistent lips. You will be surprised that sounding in unison and creating unique melodies of pleasure is not as difficult as it seems.

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