Movies about lawyers: 5 cool detective stories and comedies

The work of a notary only at first glance seems too strict and extremely formalized. However, behind the documents that notaries take to work, lies the real life with all its unpredictability, emotionality and drive. Notaries often act as discreet witnesses of violent passions, upheavals, impetuous undertakings and dramatic collapses. As a result, notaries clothe all this in the cold form of certificates, certificates and other documents. But on the way to the notarial archive, these episodes from life often resemble stories from exciting films. That is exactly what we have collected in this collection.


The main character here is Lauren Monroe, who is the daughter of the owner of an empire that brings millions in profits. The millionaire has died, but left a secret message for Lauren. It contained a warning that the truth must never come out. The daughter of a millionaire got to a terrible hiding place, and understood why her father left such a will. The most unexpected thing is that the millionaire left his inheritance not only in the form of a huge fortune, which will be divided between his wife, son and daughter. But also in the form of one more of his completely unpredictable will. Lauren Monroe will have to go through many trials to defend the will of her father. During the development of the plot, she will also meet a whole detachment of skeletons in the closets of her colorful family.

Peace, love and misunderstanding

In this comedy, the main character is Dyne. She is a pretty successful lawyer. At some point, her husband leaves her and a period of despair begins in her life. A woman and her children are forced to go to Woodstock, where her hippie mother lives. This meeting will force the main character to look at things from a different angle and make a deep reassessment of what is really important to her and what can be left in the past.

The Devil and Daniel Webster

This comedy starred Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. She collected high ratings from the audience. The plot revolves around a seemingly paradoxical question: can a lawyer cancel a deal with the devil. The main character, in order to get to the very heights in his career, went to an agreement with evil spirits. The hour of reckoning is very close, so the lawyer needs to act decisively and unpredictably.


An intriguing detective story tells about the peculiarities of the work of a law firm. A new employee comes to her, yesterday’s Harvard graduate, Mitch, who aims to build a fast-paced career. Shortly after his arrival, two employees of the company die, and one of its leaders is accused of criminal activity. And after a while, Mitch learns that no one has ever quit this company and does not leave of their own free will. From that moment on, the guy challenges a well-organized law firm, behind the facade of which the Chicago mafia is hiding.

The Adventures of Notary Neglintsev

It is believed that the work of notaries is monotonous and boring, there is nothing special about it. However, the main character Anton Neglintsev proves quite the opposite. He always knows more about this or that matter than he needs. Therefore, he gets into intricate fascinating stories. It is difficult to solve the problems that arise, but the main character always manages to do this with great success. Olga helps him with this. She works in an office and is secretly in love with Neglintsev.