фильмы о рекламе
фильмы о рекламе

The world is driven by money. And advertising drives money. It is she who invests in the ears and eyes of billions of people information about products and services, about policies and ideas. Advertising dictates to us what to want and where to strive. The natural site promotion service Zenlink.ru recommends five films that perfectly show how advertising can change for the better not only your business, but our entire world.

The Jones Family (2009)

The plot of the comedy revolves around the reference American Johnson family, which moves to a small town. Very quickly, this family becomes the favorites of the whole neighborhood. She invites home neighbors and everyone who lives nearby. Family members captivate others with their charisma, appearance, home decor and cars. But soon it becomes clear the true purpose of the Johnsons, who are not really a family, but employees of an advertising company, which in this way advertises to people all kinds of household goods.

Syrup (2013)

The melodrama shows in detail how to best sell yourself. It all starts with a hyperactive guy named Scat. He’s looking for a million dollar idea. His goal is to conquer the advertising market. He works for a company that sells soda. One day he comes up with an energy drink, but this idea is stolen by his colleague. But Skat does not lose hope of selling himself as dear as possible and starts working on another idea. True, it was at this time that he meets a girl, from whom he loses his head.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Five very experienced dealers are ready to do anything in order to find buyers of land. To do this, they make cold calls, desperately compete with each other and use any way to earn more. To spur this team of employees, the head office sends them its best sales agent. He promises his colleagues that the competition between them from now on will be even more intense. After all, the one who earns the most will receive the Cadillac and 500 details of the most valuable customers. But these are far from all the conditions of the insidious competition for the best salesperson.

Crazy People (1990)

Who would get the idea of ​​telling the whole truth about a product in an advertisement? This is exactly what the main character of the film did. In a state of nervous strain, he wrote some completely stupid advertising slogans and posted them in the press without the knowledge of his boss. After that, a friend persuades him to be examined by a psychiatrist. Finding himself in a group of the same people suffering from nervous tension, he meets like-minded people. But suddenly, unexpectedly for everyone, the advertisements of the protagonist gain immense popularity. And phrases about square Volvo or Jaguar cars designed for men who would like to work with beautiful women are becoming textbooks.

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (2011)

The documentary tells about the advertising business. The focus is on how huge amounts of money are earned from advertising projects. The Hero of the Film tells in detail how much it costs to promote a brand through a film, how viewers relate to product placement and what is the real effect of it. The picture is looking for answers to the questions: is it possible for art that does not have a sponsor? where is the line between art and marketing?

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