Архитектурные шедевры

Architecture refers to the appearance of a building. Today, more and more construction projects in large cities surprise with their appearance. In the article, we present the top 10 most amazing buildings in terms of architecture, which you should definitely see.

Top 10 architectural marvels and their features

Guggenheim Museum

This is a contemporary art museum located in the city of Bilbao, Spain. Exhibitions are periodically held here, works by famous artists and various expositions are shown. The architecture of the museum was designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry. The object was opened for visiting in 1997.

Музей Гуггенхайма

Tokyo skytree

The name of this object literally translates as “Tokyo Sky Tree”. This is not a building, but a telecommunications tower that was opened in 2012 in Tokyo. Height 634 meters. The tower has two lighting options, they replace each other every other day: sky blue and purple.

Tokyo SkyTree

National Center for the Performing Arts

This is an opera house with a total area of 200,000 sq. m. and a capacity of 6500 spectators. The architecture of the building was designed by Paul Andre.

Национальный центр исполнительских искусств

Burj Al Arab

The name literally translates as “Arab Tower”. This skyscraper hotel located in Dubai is one of the most amazing architectural creations in the world. At an altitude of approximately 210 meters there is a helipad, and on the other side of the building there is a luxurious restaurant. Architecture designed by Tom Wright.

Бурдж Аль Араб

Science Museum in Nagoya

This property is located in Japan. Initially, it was only a scientific museum. However, in 2012, the architects added a planetarium, a large ball that symbolized modern science.

Музей науки в Нагое


This unusual architectural structure is a museum located in Denmark. This is one of the main objects of the Danfoss Universe park. The architecture was developed by the German studio JJ. MAYER H. Architects.


Marina Bay Sands

This amazing building is a hotel located in Singapore. The architect is Moshe Safdie, the hotel consists of over 2000 rooms. The facility consists of three buildings that are wide at the base but narrow as they rise. A feature of the building is the presence of a platform on the roof, on which pools, treadmills, etc. are located.

Marina Bay Sands

Sunrise Kempinski

This architectural structure is a hotel located in China, namely in the city of Beijing. The five-star hotel consists of 302 hotel rooms, a large number of bars and restaurants.

Sunrise Kempinski

Capital gate

The name translates as “Gate to the capital”. This is a leaning tower (by the way, with the largest slope in the world), located in Abu Dhabi. One of the most amazing buildings in the entire Middle East.

Capital Gate

Ferrari world

This amazing building is a park located in Abu Dhabi. The area of the object is 200,000 sq.m. This is the largest indoor park in the world.

Ferrari World

There are many other architecturally interesting buildings. Almost every country has its own architectural marvels.