лучших фильмов об удаче

We all love to hear stories of incredible luck and fantasize that we will be lucky one day. Winning the lottery, meeting a dream partner, or a sudden promotion is often the basis of a film’s plot. The film industry has exploited the theme of luck for many years, because it is popular with the audience. Perhaps you will also like the best films about luck offered below.

Hard Eight

This film noir crime drama tells the story of a professional casino gambler named Sydney. He successfully teaches his new acquaintance, John, the tricks of the game until he falls in love with waitress Clementine. Meeting Clementine makes John and Sydney’s life full of risk and adventure.

The Fatal Eight perfectly shows the psychology of casino players. After looking at this picture, you can understand what it is like to live in the present moment and feel like a winner.

Good luck Chuck!

This is a film about a man whom everyone considers a real good luck charm. Dane Cook as Chuck is very popular with the opposite sex. But he has a problem: as soon as he spends the night with the girl he likes, she immediately goes to another and happily marries him, and Chuck remains out of work. Because of his ability, many women are ready to give everything for a night with Chuck and further happiness. But the protagonist himself is fed up with sex without love and does not consider his life successful.

Lucky number Slevin

Slevin’s Lucky Number is an intriguing and twisted revenge tale starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley. According to the plot of this crime thriller, Josh Hartnett (Slevin) finds himself in the midst of a gang war. To escape and stay alive, he needs to come up with a very cunning plan. But will Slevin be lucky?

Some say that this film is the equivalent of a crossword puzzle in cinema, because it forces you to think through each subsequent move of the hero. Unexpected turns will keep you in suspense all the time and will not let you get bored.

In “Lucky Case,” an honest cop played by Nicolas Cage suddenly becomes the winner of the lottery. He decides to split his $4 million fortune with a waitress he just met at a diner. This romantic comedy by Andrew Bergman is one of the most popular lottery films in history. “Lucky Chance” is full of touching scenes with characters in love that evoke the most positive emotions.

The Lucky One

“Lucky” is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, a popular American writer. The plot is based on the dramatic story of a US Marine named Logan Thiebaud. He was lucky to survive several difficult military operations in Iraq, and he believes that the secret of his luck is in a strange woman. Logan accidentally finds a photo of her with the caption “Take care” and wears it as a charm after she saved his life. Lucky decides to find a stranger after returning to the US and start a relationship with her.

Just My Luck

This romantic comedy tells the story of a girl who works in public relations and is considered the luckiest person in Manhattan. However, after a chance encounter and a kiss with an unlucky guy played by Chris Pine, she realizes that she traded her good luck for his bad luck. A black streak begins in the life of the main character, and negative events occur one after another. Can the heroine Lindsay Lohan make life easy and carefree again?

What Happens in Vegas

Once Upon a Time in Vegas is an American romantic comedy film starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. In the story, they are complete strangers who wake up in the same bed after a party and try to reconstruct the course of events from the previous evening. It turns out that Diaz and Kutcher got married and won a huge jackpot. Their simple plan to get a quick divorce and split the money fails because of the divorce judge. Therefore, each of the newlyweds is trying to find a way to get rid of his “second half” and get the whole jackpot.

Always say yes

This is a comedy film starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel, based on the memoirs of comedian Danny Wallace, who also had a cameo role. When Jim Carrey as Carl Allen realizes that his negative outlook on life has led him to a dead end, he decides to attend a seminar that unlocks the power of yes. Living in a positive way leads him to an amazing transformation: he gets a promotion and finds love. But Carl believes that too much positive thinking can be dangerous.