5 Great Little-Known New Year’s Movies

There are garlands flashing in the room, and in the corner there is a decorated Christmas tree, there is the smell of tangerines and pine needles all around… what else is missing to create a festive mood? A touching and kind New Year’s film! And if the usual Christmas stories like “Love Actually” or “The Irony of Fate” have long been boring, then not the most famous, but at the same time excellent films that will definitely give you a festive mood can come to the rescue.

Christmas Night in Barcelona (2015)

A wonderful holiday film that combines six funny and heartwarming stories that happened on the eve of Christmas in Spain. Each of these stories shows different types and meanings of love, demonstrates a free attitude to risky topics, southern looseness and a special humor.

This is what’s happening to me (2012)

A chamber tragicomedy telling that the New Year is actually a melancholic holiday. After all, everyone only pretends to be happy during the holiday period, knowing in fact that there are no miracles in life. However, this does not mean that a miracle should not be expected.

A Christmas Melody (2015)

The musical comedy “A Christmas Melody”, filmed in the best traditions of American winter films about love and miracles. The film tells the story of school music teacher Danny, who helps a girl write a song for a Christmas concert. In addition to the talent of the young singer, the teacher is also interested in her pretty mother, his former classmate.

Love the Coopers (2015)

This enchanting Christmas comedy will tell you about what happens when representatives of four generations of one big family gather for a holiday. For each of them, this becomes a real test: they have to do everything, please everyone and not deprive anyone of attention.

Christmas Cupid (2010)

For Hollywood, Christmas is the busiest time. In this rigmarole of events there is absolutely no time for yourself, personal life, family and friends. Sloan’s PR agent was completely unlucky. Despite the fact that she needs to organize a New Year’s show, she will also have to hold the funeral of the scandalous star.


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