Alicia Vikander’s 5 Best Roles

Alicia was born in 1988 in Gothenburg. Her mother is the famous Swedish actress Maria Vikander, and her father is a psychiatrist. After her parents’ divorce, the future actress’s childhood passed between her father’s country house and the theater stage, where her mother constantly took her with her.

According to the Swedish beauty, she had a wonderful childhood. On the one hand, she was her mother’s only child, and the woman did not deny her daughter anything. On the other hand, her father’s large and friendly family was always happy about her arrival.

Since childhood, Vikander has studied ballet. She devoted nine years to him. Alicia studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and managed to appear in productions of Les Misérables and The Sound of Music at the Gothenburg Opera. But when the choice came between ballet and cinema, the girl chose the latter.

At school age, Vikander began acting in Swedish TV series. She made her feature film debut at the age of 21 in the film “Purity.” Alicia immediately got the leading role, for which she received an award in the Rising Star category at the Stockholm Film Festival. It was also for this role that she received a prize at the Kyiv film festival “Molodist”.

After this work, the famous Swedish director Ella Lemhagen invites Alicia to play the leading role in her film “The Royal Jewels” (2011). For Alicia, her second major film work becomes a breakthrough, because the film receives a standing ovation and a prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

She then received the leading role of the young Queen Caroline Matilda in Nikolai Arcel’s drama A Royal Affair (2012) – and the film again received awards at the Berlin Film Festival.

The actress gained widespread popularity from her work in Joe Wright’s ambitious British project Anna Karenina (2012) starring Keira Knightley and Jude Law.

In this adaptation of the famous work, Alicia plays the innocent russian noblewoman Kitty. After the premiere, the British Academy dubbed Vikander a promising young actress, after which the star moved to London.

Vikander carefully hides his personal life from the general public. Fans managed to find out a little. During the filming of The Light Between Oceans, the Swedish beauty had an affair with fellow actor Michael Fassbender. In 2017, the couple began living together.

At the 2016 Academy Awards, Vikander was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Danish artist Gerda Wegener in The Danish Girl. That same year, she was nominated for two Golden Globe awards and was awarded the Producers Guild of America Award for Best Actress.

The Royal Affair (2012)

The film tells about the events that took place in the Kingdom of Denmark in the mid-18th century. The young Queen Caroline-Matilda hates her mentally ill husband, Christian VII. He prefers to spend time with prostitutes rather than with his beloved wife.

But the appearance of the German doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee in the king’s retinue makes serious adjustments to the life of Caroline, who falls in love with the handsome doctor.

Isabel met her husband Tom during the First World War. And only after its completion the lovers were able to start a family. They settle into a house on the island, where Tom works at the lighthouse.

Soon the couple had to go through grief; they had a stillborn child. Isabelle withdrew into herself, completely disappointed. But life gave her a chance to feel like a mother when a boat with the lifeless body of a man and a little girl moored to the island.

The Danish Girl (2015)

The plot of the film is based on the real life story of the Danish artist of the 20s of the twentieth century, Einar Wegener, the first person who decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Wanting to help his wife, Einer agrees to model for a while and pose in women’s clothing for a portrait of their mutual friend, dancer Ulla.

Dressed in women’s clothing, Einer felt an unexpected sense of comfort and pleasure. He began to think more and more often that he should have been born a woman, he wants to be a girl and is ready to do anything to make this dream come true.

Ex Machina (2015)

A young programmer, Caleb, who works for a large company, becomes the winner of a competition among his colleagues. He goes to a private house in the mountains, owned by the CEO of his company, Nathan. There, Caleb becomes a participant in an amazing experiment.

In the process, he will have to cooperate with artificial intelligence, which is enclosed in the body of a beautiful woman. The hero begins to communicate with Eva, who in her thinking is indeed very similar to an ordinary girl. And the more he communicates with her, the more he becomes convinced that Nathan is not telling him something very important.

Tulip Fever (2017)

The film tells a romantic story that unfolded in the Netherlands in the 17th century. Against the backdrop of tulip madness, the wealthy merchant Cornelis marries the beautiful Sophie. In honor of the wedding, Cornelis commissions a family portrait of them.

But gradual communication while working on the painting turns into something more for the young artist and Sophie. They fall in love and decide to start a flower business, hoping that it will allow them to be together.


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