Every famous person is sometimes asked what his favorite books are and what inspires him. This question was asked and the legendary founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates. He named five of his favorite works – maybe you will want to read them.

Robert Heinlein – “Stranger in a strange land”

An alien from another planet arrives on Earth – and here his adventures are just beginning. Gates read this novel as a child – and still loves it. He believes that the story of an alien discovering a new religion for earthlings makes us think about what opportunities we have and how we can open them.

Bono’s book from U2 “Surrender: 40 songs, one story”

The millionaire claims that this book is the latest he has read. And this is not surprising – she just came out recently. Even if you are not fans of this group and have not heard any of its tracks, in any case it will be interesting to know how the life of famous musicians works. It reveals the history of the creation of the most famous songs and generally details what it’s like to be a world-famous rock band.

“Mendeleev’s Dream”

This work by Paul Strathearn tells about the unusual ways scientific discoveries are sometimes made. All chemists now use the periodic table, they study it in schools – and its creator simply dreamed of it. What other unusual stories of discovery exist? Strathearn studied this issue comprehensively, even affecting ancient Greece. Is it really possible to see in a dream a complex system of elements, how simple accidents helped to develop science, and why people have always been interested in the unknown?

“Inside game of tennis”

Have you ever been addicted to playing tennis? Or any sports in general? Then this book is definitely for you, but those who are not related to sports – like the same Bill Gates – could and will be able to appreciate it. Physical preparation is undoubtedly very important for success – but it is not enough. It also needs to be adjusted in some way. Your state of mind is just as important in order to succeed and avoid mistakes – not only in the game, in any business.

“Rival Team: Lincoln’s biography”

Abraham Lincoln was one of the most famous US presidents. During his reign, there were many difficulties and challenges, but this does not mean that he was a bad ruler: on the contrary, he was able to lead the country through all these trials. Now the United States is again in a difficult period – and again many important issues regarding justice in society and disagreements between representatives of different ideologies will have to be resolved. The work is as relevant as ever – and Gates unequivocally recommends it.