Герой СамСам
Герой СамСам

Now in cinemas the animation “Hero SamSam” is shown. The release of the picture on wide screens was preceded by a successful series of the same name. The full-length version of this story has absorbed all the best that was in the multi-part tape. On this occasion, we remembered two more full-length animated films that came out of the series.

Hero SamSam

The animated series “SamSam”, first released on small screens in 2007, has become a real international phenomenon. The Franco-Belgian cartoon at its peak attracted 250 million viewers from TVs, because SamSamchik’s adventures were shown not only in France and Belgium, but also in Britain, Poland, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada and many other countries.

Moreover, if a lot of cartoons are now born from comics, then “SamSam” just became the hero of comics and books after the release of the popular animated series.

Against the background of such success, the question of the full-length embodiment of the story became only a matter of time. The greatest of the smallest characters in the family animation “Hero Himself” will understand what his super-power is, gain real friendship and save the Galaxy from a very evil, but funny villain.

The premiere of “Hero SamSama” took place within the framework of the prestigious animation festival in Annecy in 2019, and the cartoon was to be released on Ukrainian screens on April 16 this year. The pandemic and quarantine have made their own changes to the film calendar – therefore, the space adventures of the little hero and his loved ones will appear in cinemas in Ukraine from July 16.

Viking Vic

The European co-production about a small fragile Viking who cannot defeat the enemy with brute force, but wins thanks to his intelligence, ingenuity and resourcefulness also has an entertaining origin story.

In 2013, the animated adventure series of the same name was released on the screens of Germany, Denmark, France, Great Britain and Austria, which had great audience interest. A total of 39 episodes were released about 79 episodes from the life of the smartest youth among the harsh Vikings.

The story about little Vick is quite common – back in the 70s, the Japanese anime series “Vicky, Little Viking” was released, which became a direct adaptation of the 1963 tale of the same name by Runer Jonsson.

The series, and now the full-length Viking Vic, departs from the traditional fairy tale, making the plot more modern, despite the location of the characters in Medieval Europe. And from this adventure the Vikings only benefit and remain interesting not only for children, but also for their parents.

The full-length “Viking Vic”, in which Vick will have to save his own mother, overcoming a lot of obstacles, was released on Ukrainian screens in February 2020 and is now available in online cinemas.

Sean the Sheep: Farmageddon

This is the second full-length cartoon about the adventures of Shaun the Sheep and his entourage, extremely highly appreciated by critics, filled with emotions and enthusiasm instead of thousands of words, was released earlier this year, and melted the heart of every viewer. The very concept of Shaun the Sheep captivates every child, and a huge number of Easter eggs will make both teenagers and parents laugh.

This time, the heroes of the animated comedy “Sean the Sheep: Farmageddon” will face a real UFO that has fallen on their farm.

Sean the Sheep first appeared in Britain in 2007, with a total of 5 seasons and 150 episodes of high-quality comedy animated content released. The first feature-length “Shaun the Sheep” was released in 2015, making its debut at the Sundance Film Festival and grossing over $ 100 million internationally. Therefore, it was absolutely obvious that the continuation of the sensational story is inevitable.

The lambs from the created animation universe are unique not only for the presence of sounds and emotions instead of words, but also for the fact that for more than a decade they have remained one of the most popular puppet cartoons in the era of digital animation.

Sean’s Adventures is an absolutely viral story, the series and full-length films are available on most online platforms, and the project’s social networks are filled with a variety of content, which is increasingly viewed by the parents of children.