10 funny Ukrainian comedies

The understandable, familiar and relevant humor of Ukrainian comedies does not leave anyone without a smile. And the main thing is that everyone can find their own, because in the selection there is a place for Ukrainian classics with the participation of Ivan Mikolaichuk, and for modern experiments with erotic overtones from pop stars, and for the story of our contemporary, “the guy from next door” riding”, as well as for the film adaptation of Boccaccio’s “Decameron”.

The letter went missing (1972)

A legendary film based on the stories of Nikolai Gogol. The heroic folk comedy with a sly smile and quick-tempered humor tells about the complete adventure of the Cossacks Vasily and Andrey’s journey with the hetman’s letter to the queen in St. Petersburg.

Many trials await them: arrogant gentlemen trample human bread, a cunning devil leads them astray, as well as forest fry and much more. But real Cossacks don’t burn in fire and don’t drown in water.

Servant of the People 2 (2016)

Vasily Goloborodko has been heading the state for about six months. But the situation in the country does not in any way contribute to the growth of popular trust in the president. The economic situation in the country has worsened, prices are rising, and the national currency is depreciating.

Goloborodko understands that if measures are not taken soon, he may not even count on remaining in power. In such a difficult situation, the president decides to directly address the people – he goes on an all-Ukrainian tour. The President is expected in Odessa, Lvov, Zaporozhye, Kyiv, Kharkov and other regions of Ukraine.

Several Love Stories (1994)

The film is an adaptation of short stories by Giovanni Boccaccio, Francesco Grazzini-Lasca, Agnolo Firenzola and tells about the love affairs of Italians of the Renaissance.

In those days it was popular for older men to marry young girls. And these beautiful young women cleverly deceived their stupid old men, finding witty ways to meet with young ardent lovers. This picture is formed from this kind of short stories.

Flight of the Golden Fly (2015)

The philosophical comedy shows the Ukrainian village from different sides through the stories of a little girl. The poetess, whom dad calls by her boyish name “Kolya,” talks about three stories that happened in her village: about a football match, about a wedding and about an amazing will. All three stories are connected by characters, although they have different plotlines.

Swingers (2018)

Wealthy businessman Igor is bored in the company of his sexy blonde keeper Ilona. Meanwhile, pulmonologist Andrei returns from work. His wife Irina, in a robe and curlers, demands sex, but 10 years of routine in marriage have killed the passion of this couple.

And the 30-year-old English teacher Sveta was put naked on the balcony by her lover. Only Denis, a neighbor on the balcony, can save and warm her… The erotic comedy will tell how such different couples simultaneously come up with the same idea to diversify their sex life.

Ivan and the mare (1992)

A simple, good-natured guy Ivan notices the mare Kasya outside the window of his apartment. Because of his pitiful heart and kind soul, he leaves her with him.

The noble animal becomes a source of problems for Ivan and the subject of all sorts of speculation. Because of the mare, Ivan gets into trouble with the woman he loves, a newly minted businessman, and kidnappers who want to steal the animal for meat.

Evenings on a farm near Dikanka (2001)

The New Year’s musical film, based on Gogol’s classic fairy tale, tells about the various love of the blacksmith Vakula for the beautiful Oksana. Arrogant and unshakable Oksana set a condition for the blacksmith, after which she would be ready to marry him. The blacksmith needs to get her red shoes worthy of a queen.

And while the residents of Dikanka continue to have fun and drink vodka, the hero flies to St. Petersburg on the back of the devil, penetrates the ranks of the capital’s nobility and tries to get shoes.

Sherlock Holmes and the Black Men (2013)

The six-episode animated miniseries tells the story of detective Sherlock Holmes and his biographer Dr. Watson. They are investigating a complex and complicated case of a fireplace explosion in the Admiralty and the theft of secret documents from a safe.

Rzhevsky against Napoleon (2012)

To relieve boredom, Napoleon Bonaparte started a world war. To stop the passionate lover of women, the Russian generals decide to bring to him an unapproachable beauty, la femme fatal, in order to distract the usurper from his aggressive activities. But this beauty is actually Lieutenant Rzhevsky in disguise. Film from Kvartal 95 studio.

Hero of My Time (2018)

The film tells the story of a “little man,” our contemporary, the guy “next door,” living in a complex, contradictory world and trying to find the meaning of his existence in the big city.

He is looking for a job, trying to build relationships and setting high goals for himself. And every time it comes to a dead end. The film humorously demonstrates the paradoxes of our realities and the slight absurdity of Ukrainian society.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room on the list for such comedies
“DZIDZIO Double bass” (2017)
“Infoholic” (2017)
“The night is holy Valentine” (2016)
“Single under contract” (2014)
“Ransom” (1994)
“Cossack beyond the Danube” (2007)
“Business as Usual” (2012)
“Who goes up, who goes down” (1991)
“Aeneid” (1991)
“Noble Vagabonds” (2018)
“8 Best Dates” (2016)
“Blind Date” (2013)
“Love in the City” (2009, 2010, 2014)
“Credence” (2013)

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