Top 10 sexiest movies

The film does not succeed in having explicit sex scenes in it. It would be too easy, especially at a time when the topic of sex ceased to cause outrage and began to talk about it. Now famous directors are increasingly breaking this hot topic in their robots, proving that films about sex can be interesting, deep, and philosophical. This is the mechanism that allows you to raise a lot of problems, from relationships in a couple to negative phenomena in society.

Shame (2011)

Alexander Genis wrote that porn films are the most important thing in life, because it is from them that life begins. But if these words sound ironic from the lips of a Russian essayist, then in the case of the protagonist of the film Shame, they should be taken literally.

A 2011 film directed by British director Steve McQueen is a drama about 30-year-old New Yorker Brandon Selevan. He lives a calm and measured life and none of his acquaintances suspect that Brandon has been suffering from clinical erorotomania for a long time. His computer was overflowing with porn movies, evenings with one-time connections, and thoughts with erotica. Sex greedily devoured his vitality like a dangerous virus until it completely devastated the soul.

Nymphomaniac (2013)

This tape is so non-standard that it did not fit into either the festival or the rental format. After all, it is rather difficult to unambiguously perceive a tape in which the universe is explained through the genitals, sexual positions, intimate scenes and pornographic images.

Jo, in her youth, independently diagnosed herself with nymphomania and began to live in such a way as to correspond to it. Chaotic sexual relations did not bother her at all, they became the norm for her. Erotic one-night stands filled Joe’s life with content. She explains that today’s society is so obsessed with love that sex is a challenge.

Adele’s Life (2013)

A film dedicated to the theme of growing up and demonstrates the trials associated with this period in life.

An incredibly beautiful heroine named Adele does not yet know who she is, but her attraction to women becomes more noticeable. She meets an attractive young man, but nothing but an imitation of love comes of it. After that, it becomes clear that Adele will truly fall in love only with a representative of her gender. And this love will not only be romantic, exciting and beautiful. It will also have a downside. Adele will grow up, her relationship will turn into her betrayal.

The Palme d’Or, awarded to this film, in many ways interfered with its image. After such a big award, many people who consider LGBT people to be perverts drew attention to the tape.

In fact, this is a very tender movie about the search for sexual identity. And teenagers should reconsider it, despite the fact that old-school viewers often heard reproaches that there was too much sex in the film. But in the mind of a growing child, sex occupies an even greater share. So these 20 minutes of a three-hour timekeeping can be considered a necessary minimum.

Love (2015)

What do you think, if you look into the subconscious of anyone you meet, how much sex will you find there? According to Uncle Freud, almost every act of his will be permeated with sex. Not only penetrated, but also motivated by sex. So it is in the case of Gaspard Noe’s underrated film “Love”.

Before them is a rapid journey through the subconscious of the protagonist. Most of which is devoted to the memories of the girl he loved and fuck, which, under the influence of opium, acquire grotesque proportions.

A good third of this film is almost no different from porn. But this is only a form in which fundamental life questions about fidelity, marriage, creativity, fatherhood, mutual understanding are hidden.

9 ½ Weeks (1985)

Despite the fact that the film was released back in 1985 and collected less than half of the budget funds at the box office, it became perhaps the most famous in its genre and truly cult. For Kim Basinger, after the release, the role of a sexy sensual beauty was firmly entrenched, and Mickey Rourke became the object of adoration for many women.

A lonely beauty meets her mysterious neighbor, and passion flares up between them. Their relationship, based on passion and desire, continues for 9 and a half weeks.

Blindfolded striptease scenes, sexual games with strawberries and honey, making love in the rain – all these episodes make you want to watch the movie again. They have become reference and most remember them by heart, like the famous Joe Cocker song “You can leave your hat on”.

Emmanuelle (1974)

If you try to remember famous erotic films, then this picture will be one of the first on the list. The producers were inspired to create it by the success of another bold and frank film by Bernardo Bertolucci – “Last Tango in Paris”. And the creators of the tape did not fail: the picture “Emmanuelle” with a fairly modest budget not only paid off, but also surpassed it by almost 200 times.

The diplomat’s young wife follows her husband to Thailand. The exoticism of a free country against the backdrop of not how much the boring life of the main character pushes her to numerous sexual adventures. A beautifully told story of the light and liberated erotic experience of an inexperienced heroine in Southeast Asia has been capturing the imagination of viewers for many years.

Showgirls (2015)

Young dancer Nomi tries to make it in Las Vegas, the city of casinos, bright lights of clubs and temptations. In order to somehow stay in the city, Nomi, played by Elizabeth Berkley, goes to work in a striptease. But luck smiled at her. Nome to meet Cristal, played by Gina Gershon, the best dancer in Las Vegas.

Krystal takes her to his show, where she sees the true world of show business, which is full of intrigue and deceit like any other. But this is a world in which you can have power, thanks to your beauty and sexuality.

At first, Charlize Theron tried to get the role of Nomi, and Sharon Stone auditioned for the role of Crystal. Having received her role, Gershon, according to the director’s intention, should repeat the famous “leg-crossing” from “Basic Instinct”, but refused to do so.

The male lead is played by Kyle Mac Lockley, and the incredibly sexy erotic pool scene is one of the most beautiful and memorable.

Boogie Nights (1997)

Boogie Nights should not fool you with its title. The film is not really about the disco era. And about how the main character Dirk Digger becomes a star of the porn industry. A chance meeting with a porn director provided Dirk with bright parties, loud music and an attractive partner on the set – the director’s wife, the cocaine beauty played by Julianne Moore.

Paul Thomas Anderson brilliantly revealed the topics of difficult relationships with parents, growing up, star disease.

When the director was working on the film project, he planned to invite the main role to Leonardo DiCaprio, who impressed him very much in the film “Diary of a Basketball Player”. However, he was invited to film Titanic by James Cameron. As a result, the role went to Mark Wahlberg, famed for his sexy advertising posters for Calvin Klein underwear.

9 Songs (2004)

A film interesting for its experimentalism and freedom of plot. This is not only a movie frank in its physiological details, not just a drama about sex and loneliness, but also nine luxurious compositions that the characters heard at a concert in London. This is a love story told through sex scenes and musical compositions.

This scandalous picture stands out even from the flamboyant filmography of Michael Winterbottom, who is known for his penchant for experimenting with themes and genres.

The heroes of the tape were not supposed to meet, because they have nothing in common. Matt is a serious scientist with an interest in Antarctica, while Lisa is a young, carefree student. But still, there is something that brings them together – rock. They met at a concert, and then ended up at his house. And so it continued – random meetings, concerts, sex.

9 Songs

Room in Rome (2009)

Spanish erotic melodrama about the love between Russian girl Natasha and Spaniard Alba. The main roles were played by Ukrainian actress Natasha Yarovenko and the star of “The Skin I Live In” Elena Anaya.

On her last day in Rome, Natasha meets a Spanish girl. And invites her to spend the night with her in a hotel room. For sex, girls open up to each other. There are indeed a lot of sex scenes in this picture, but not only men will like it – the whole film is shrouded in a sensitive atmosphere of love.