Вкус жизни
Вкус жизни

Exciting movies and delicious meals are some of the few things in the world that give you a real taste of life. When a witty movie combines with haute cuisine, such films become a real dessert that can turn an evening viewing into a real holiday. These are the kind of pictures we have collected in this selection of comedies about restaurants and chefs. These films give bright emotions and a cozy atmosphere.

The film tells about emigrants from India who, finding themselves in a foreign country, open their own small cafe opposite the fashionable restaurant “Weeping Willow”. However, communication between the two restaurateurs does not work out from the very first day. And very soon the emigrants feel the full gamut of feelings of the owner of the expensive establishment, Madame Malory. But no matter how hostile the latter may be, she cannot help but admit that a truly talented young chef, Hassan, works in the restaurant opposite. With his skill, he proves that ideal taste does not depend on nationality or religion. This picture is filled not only with exquisite recipes and Indian flavor, but also with picturesque French landscapes, aristocratic manners and a festive mood.

Bella Martha

The plot of the film centers on the talented and charming chef Martha from Hamburg, who specializes in French cuisine. In addition to inventing masterpiece dishes, Marta also runs the kitchen very competently. She devotes herself entirely to work, leaving not a minute for her personal life. One day, a tragedy occurs in her family – the main character’s sister dies, leaving behind a little daughter. Raising her niece is not easy for Martha, because previously she devoted all her strength exclusively to the kitchen. At the same time, another chef from Italy named Mario appears in Martha’s kitchen. He is the complete opposite of the main character – frivolous, romantic, unpunctual. Cooperation with him will make Marta look differently at her usual way of life.

Two colorful families from Italy are moving to the United States. In a new country, they open pizzerias and actively develop their business. However, along with family recipes, they brought with them to America many years of enmity with each other. She encourages the heroes of the film to win the eternal rivalry between families. But one day they realize that the son of one family and the daughter of another have fallen in love with each other. Young people sincerely cannot imagine life without each other, even despite the enmity of their parents. Good cuisine and culinary skills will help resolve contradictions.

Soul kitchen

The plot of the film revolves around a guy named Zinos. They speak of such people as failures in life. By nature, he is sweet and sympathetic. However, no matter what he undertakes, everything goes awry. He runs a small restaurant on the outskirts of the city. His establishment is gradually fading away and serving its last clients. At the same time, Zinos is abandoned by his girlfriend, inspection after inspection comes to the restaurant, and his bandit brother is released from prison. In short, the situation is simply critical. However, the main character invites a new inventive chef, on whom he places his last hopes.

No Reservations

Responsible, principled and strict chef Kate Armstrong works in one of the best restaurants in the city. Every minute in her schedule is scheduled and there is no question of any personal life. But one day her life changes radically. Kate has to take custody of the girl. And while the main character is distracted from work to raise the girl, a new talented chef appears in her kitchen. According to Kate, he is trying to oust her from her position as chef. However, one should not rush to conclusions. After all, the best way to improve relationships is to cook at least a few good dishes together.