Start a new life: 5 inspiring films

Getting what you want can sometimes be very difficult. Sometimes circumstances turn against you. Most people in this situation need motivation and moral support to start life from scratch. This is exactly what you will find in a selection of films that help start a new chapter in your career, personal life, hobby or relationship.

The protagonist of the film, Chris Gardner, is a real person, on the example of which one can study the possibility of becoming successful at any moment in life. As a single father from the United States, he went from an unsuccessful traveling salesman to a financial broker, which many today are guided by. In order to forget about a beggarly existence and build a fundamentally new career, the hero made truly inhuman efforts every day and tried with all his might to overcome difficulties.

Larry Crown

For the protagonist of this film, it all started with a service in the Navy, after which he began working as a command manager in a large company. His salary at that time was enough to exist peacefully and pay the mortgage. In fact, this is exactly what the life of the average American from the middle class is today – traditionally scheduled for several years ahead. However, as the experience of recent years shows, everything can change in a moment. So in the case of Larry Crown, an unexpected dismissal turned his life upside down. A lot of free time, which he had, had to be occupied with something. It was at this moment that the main character decides to get his first education, believing that you can study at any age, as well as start your life from scratch.

Julie and Julia

This culinary melodrama is interesting to many due to the fact that the action unfolds simultaneously in different time directions. The first deals with Paris in the fifties, where the wife of a military diplomat, Julia Child, lives. As in the life of any other housewife, she does not seem to have to wait for anything new, and every day is similar to the previous one. Just to have some fun, Julia enrolls in cooking classes. After finishing them, she is so inspired by the new business that she publishes a book and becomes a culinary specialist known throughout the world.

After another 50 years, completely in New York, a nondescript woman Julie Powell, forced to spend most of her life at an unloved job, decides in just a year to repeat the recipes presented in the book by Julia Child, inspired by her example.


It all starts with a strong desire and in this film. A pretty girl Alex dreams of becoming a ballerina, but for some reason she doesn’t go to the screenings. It turns out that all this is due to the fact that she is afraid of not being liked by the commission. As a result, her dances remain only in dreams, and Alex continues to work at the factory, coming off only in a nightclub. At one point, the girl’s life changes, to which a new acquaintance pushes her when she begins to communicate with a former famous ballerina and a rich man. However, this does not mean that Alex will not encounter other difficulties along the way. But she can still go through all of them in her dreams of a ballet school.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The plot of the film revolves around a nondescript employee of the magazine. The protagonist is detached from the rest of his colleagues and seems to live only in a fantasy world. Everything changes when a new girl comes to work – Cheryl Melholf. And the main character falls hopelessly in love with her. In order for her to pay attention to him, he has no choice but to make his dreams come true, including by going on a trip to the very end of the world.