Моя русалка, моя Лореляй
Моя русалка, моя Лореляй

Odessa is the most popular Ukrainian city on wide screens. Of course, much fewer films are shot here than in Kyiv. However, if the Ukrainian capital often appears on screens “in the role” of some ordinary metropolis, then Odessa often appears on wide screens in the proud role of itself. Filmmakers really love the unique flavor of this city. Such great masters as Kira Muratova, Alexander Dovzhenko, Juliusz Machulski, Karen Shakhnazarov and many others worked here at different times. So it was not easy to limit ourselves to only ten in the selection “The best films about Odessa”.

Fifth Therapy (2017)

The film is based on stories from the life of the modern Odessa poet Stas Dombrovsky. He also played the main role in the film. Stas began to use drugs and steal in his youth. At the age of 17, he learned that he had HIV. He was then diagnosed with hepatitis and tuberculosis. At that time, Stas was in prison and his health was deteriorating. In this regard, he was transferred to a special ward called “Fifth Therapy”, where hopelessly ill patients are collected. This was the rock bottom in Stas’s life, after which he began to gradually return to normal life. The main turning points in the fate of a drug addict who managed to overcome his addiction passed through this picture.

Liquidation (2007)

The plot of the series takes place in 1946. The head of the anti-banditry department of the Odessa Criminal Investigation Department, David Gotsman, discovers a gangster warehouse with looted military uniforms. The investigator is trying to find out who needed such a quantity of uniforms because this does not look like an ordinary robbery. As a result of the investigation, it becomes clear that an anti-Soviet coup was being prepared in the city.

Green Van (1983)

The film takes the viewer to post-revolutionary Odessa and its environs. Yesterday’s high school student Volodya Patrikeev becomes the head of the district police department. He enthusiastically fights horse thieves, speculators and moonshiners. A young investigator dreams of a career as a successful policeman and actively uses the methods of Sherlock Holmes. In the end, he gets to the most authoritative criminal in the area, whose name is Cherven.

Three days in Odessa (2007)

The plot of the film takes place in 1947. A Moscow police officer arrives in Odessa to help local law enforcement officers find the local crime boss Misha the Virtuoso. The latter is holding a file of Romanian agents in his hands. In South Palmyra, the main character meets with his old friend, as well as with the niece of Misha the Virtuoso named Maya. The policeman comes up with a cunning plan in order to take possession of the necessary file cabinet.

Deja Vu (1989)

The film takes the viewer to 1925. Killer Johnny Pollack arrives in Odessa to kill Mikka Nicha. The latter is disliked by the Chicago mafia due to the fact that he destroyed their illegal alcohol production business. An American killer poses as an entomologist professor and tries to find his victim in a boiling city. Soon the news about the arrival of an honorary professor in the USSR spreads throughout the city and crowds of curious local residents flock to him.

Primorsky Boulevard (1988)

One day, a young guy named Alexander Ermolenko met a pretty girl on the street. This prompted him to rush after her. However, because of such frivolity, he got into an accident. As a result, everyone survived, but the car of the screenwriter named Ogonkov was damaged. Instead of compensation for damages from Sasha, he asks for help with writing a script for a Gosstrakh commercial. And this becomes another difficult test for the protagonist.

We’re from Jazz (1983)

It’s 1926. Student at the Odessa Music College Kostya Ivanov is actively interested in jazz. However, the management of the educational institution threatens to expel him if he does not stop playing music of this genre. Despite this, the guy continues to be interested in jazz. Soon he meets Styopa, who plays the banjo, and drummer Zhora. Together they create their own group. However, the boys’ first performance ends in failure. After this, the group almost breaks up, but soon luck smiles on the young musicians again. Not a single selection of “The best films about Odessa” can do without this picture.

The Adjuster (2004)

One of Kira Muratova’s masterpieces tells about two millionaires Alla Sergeevna and Lyuba, who live near the Black Sea. They need to tune the piano, for which they call a young specialist, Andrey. The latter tries to please the whims of his spoiled friend Lina, who is accustomed to a luxurious life. He soon finds himself in complete despair due to the fact that he does not have enough money. Need pushes him to kill a man and take over his wealth.

Hangout Lights (2011)

1958 The owner of a small brothel, called Mama Lyuba, manages two girls who sleep for money – Zinka-Hitler and Zygote. They live in perfect harmony. The son of the prosecutor, Arkasha, who is in love with her, often visits his mother Lyuba. And the main character herself loves

it of the poet Adam. The protagonist is also trying to help her mother, who lives outside the city.

My mermaid, my Lorelai (2014)

Another picture that takes the viewer to Odessa during Soviet times. The plot centers on a boy Fedya, who falls in love with the 18-year-old red-haired actress Nyura. He loves to ride his bike and play with his friend. And Nyura dreams of playing the main role in a popular film. This is one of the most colorful and romantic films in the selection “The best films about Odessa.”

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