Film Human is a collection of stories told by people from all over the world about what it means to be human. Also in the film there are aerial footage of planet Earth.

The idea of ​​the film originated with Jan Artyus-Bertrand in the Malian village. After a helicopter breakdown, the director was forced to spend a day visiting a local resident who talked about his concerns and attempts to feed his family.

Over the next three years, Jan Artyus-Bertrand and the team conducted 2020 interviews in 60 countries. All participants were asked 40 questions about family, personal happiness, wealth, aspirations, life. The viewer does not hear the questions themselves, does not know any details about the interviewers themselves, but only listens to the story told by a person against a dark background. Thus, a collective image of a person living on Earth is created.

The film raises many relevant and global topics, such as: hunger, religion, violence, politics and war.

Human was presented at the Venice Film Festival out of competition. And at the Vancouver International Film Festival, the film received a prize as the most popular international documentary based on the results of the audience. Also, Human received the prize of the Beijing International Film Festival for the best documentary and the prize for the most popular international documentary at the international film festival in Vancouver.

The director of the picture is French photographer Jan Artyus-Bertrand, who had previously released the famous film “Home”, which showed a collective picture of our planet.