The film about the occupation of Crimea “Cherkasy” will be released online in September

Military action drama “Cherkasy” becomes available on the Internet. Since September, the tape has been posted on such legal online services as MEGOGO, SWEET.TV, OLL.TV, VOLIA, Takflix and 1+1 VIDEO.

In February of this year, the feature film “Cherkasy”, created by MKK Film Service with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine, was shown in cinemas across the country. The tape tells about the 3-week resistance of the team of the naval minesweeper of the same name during the events in the Crimea in 2014. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the release of “Cherkas” was interrupted, and only in July, after the quarantine was eased, the film’s theatrical screenings were resumed.

The life cycle of “Cherkas” did not end after the end of the cinema screenings. In the first month of autumn, this military action drama becomes available for viewing on popular online platforms, which are becoming more and more relevant in quarantine realities. On September 1, the tape can be purchased for an unlimited period on MEGOGO, SWEET.TV, OLL.TV. From September 15, the film will be available for viewing on VOLIA, 1+1 VIDEO, Takflix, MEGOGO, SWEET.TV and OLL.TV for a fee and within a set time limit.

“We are very happy that Ukrainians will finally be able to watch “Cherkasy” online. The distribution of the film was suspended due to the quarantine, and many viewers who planned to see the film did not have time to get to the theaters. And when such an opportunity appeared, quite a few people did not dare to return to the cinema halls. All this time we have been asked when it will be possible to see “Cherkasy” legally on the Internet, because it is still a rarity for Ukrainian films. And here she appeared! We wish you a pleasant viewing!” – says FILM.UA Distribution CEO Ihor Storchak.

The film is distributed by FILM.UA Distribution (FILM.UA Group).


Synopsis: February 2014. The occupation of the Crimean peninsula begins. Minesweeper “Cherkasy” along with other Ukrainian ships is blocked in Lake Donuzlav – the way to the sea is blocked by sunken ships of the Russian fleet. This is a trap. Our ships are beginning to surrender to the Russians. It seems that there is simply no other way out.

The film is based on real events. The story of the last Ukrainian ship in the Crimea, which resisted and continued a brave fight.

Production director: Timur Yashchenko

Cinematographer: Yuri Dunai

Producers: Marta Lotysh, Iryna Klymenko

Authors of the scenario: Timur Yashchenko, Robert Kvilman

Genre: military action drama

Production designer: Oleksiy Velichko

Sound director: Volodymyr Tretyakov, Farid Mbaydin

Composers: Anton Baibakov

Vocals: Katya Chilly Group 432 Hz

Editing director: Oleksandr Chornyi

Make-up artist: Maria Pylunska

Costume designer: Daria Kochneva

Second director: Daryna Lukashenko


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