21 Ukrainian films of 2017

In 2016, a record number of domestic films were released. In 2017, there should be even more of them. We have selected domestic tapes that have a good chance of reaching the big screen in the next 12 months.

“Luxembourg” Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi

The film tells the story of people living and working in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in the conditions of a nuclear winter.

Budget: 1.1 million euros. Co-production with France, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.


“Black level” Valentin Vasyanovych

In the center of the story is the wedding photographer Konstantin. He has been photographing other people’s happiness all his life. The 50th anniversary is the beginning of a difficult stage for him. Everything that he loved – in one moment goes into the past.



This almanac of street art documentaries includes three documentary shorts. Oleg Chorny’s “Rain Project” tells about the Mariupol page in the work of the Kharkiv graphic artist Hamlet. The tape “Enjoy” by Valery Balayan is dedicated to the anonymous Crimean street artist. And the film “Shift” by Oleksiy Radinskyi is a free panorama of the community of artists, musicians and performers, which found its refuge in a garage cooperative in the center of the capital.


“Strimgolov” Maryna Stepanska

This Kyiv story tells about two young lovers in their 30s. These non-heroes are trying to make difficult choices in our “heroic age”. The director herself characterizes this plot as follows: “About love during the fuck.”



“Gate” Volodymyr Tykhy

The main character of the picture – grandmother Prisya – lives near Pripyat with her daughter Slava and grandson Vovchyk. They are visited by a precinct officer who has an affair with Slava. Its main goal is to force them to leave the closed territory. Grandma conflicts with her daughter because she does not want to live by her rules. But he cannot dare to return to the city to civilization.

Budget: UAH 16 million.


“Rule of Battle” Oleksiy Shaparev

in the box office from January 26

The story of Taras, a promising boxer who, together with his friends, earns a living by street fighting. The main character learns about his mother’s illness and that she needs a complex operation. This forces him to go to an illegal bookmaker.



“Relatives” Vitaly Manskyi

in theaters from February 2

The life story of director Vitaly Manskyi and his family, who live in different parts of Ukraine: in Lviv, Odesa, Donbas, and Crimea. Another storyline of the film illuminates the deep roots of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Co-production with Germany, Latvia, Estonia.


“DZIDZIO “CONTRABAS”” Lubomyr Levytskyi

in winter rental

The plot of this folk comedy by Jidzo is kept secret.


“Let’s dance” Oleksandr Berezan

Nikita leaves his hometown and goes to the capital for a dance tournament. For a young man, participation in a project is more than a hobby and entertainment. He must win to help his brother raise the necessary funds for the operation.



“Mariupolis” Mantas Kvedaravicius

released in the spring

Panorama of life in Mariupol, not far from which military operations are taking place. The picture focuses on people who continue to do their work despite the crisis. The heroes of the tape were a shoemaker, workers of a factory and a cultural center, a fisherman, a journalist, a tram driver

Co-production with Lithuania, Germany and France.



“Infoholic” Valentin Shpakov and Vladyslav Klymchuk

in theaters from March 2

Ivan, a young manager of an investment company, is a real infoholic. He never leaves his phone for a minute. His addiction becomes a real curse when all the news he learns about begins to happen in his own life.



“Polina” by Olias Barko

on sale from May 25

The story of a girl who goes on a magical journey full of dangers and adventures in search of the truth about her family.

Budget: 2 million euros. Co-production with Belgium and France.


“Peace to your home” Volodymyr Lert

released in the spring

Tevye, a milkman, lives in a Jewish village. He is so poor that his five daughters have only one way out – to get married successfully. He turns to his matchmaker for help. However, the daughters consider it necessary to decide their own fate.


“Red” by Zaza Buadze

Two Ukrainians who fought for different ideals at the same time. Now they are in hard labor: former UPA commander Danylo Chervyn and Soviet pilot Viktor Gurov. Red — from the west of Ukraine, Gurov — from the east. The men agreed among themselves to resist the repressions of the head of the camp, Major Abramov, and revolted.

Budget: UAH 20 million.


“Storozova Zastava” Yuriy Kovalev

In the rental in the fall

Schoolboy Victor, who makes a journey from our time to a thousand years ago. In the Middle Ages, he meets the heroes Ilya, Dobrina and Oleshko. Together with them, the boy will have to protect his own land from the Polovtsy and mystical creatures.

Budget: UAH 40 million.


“Pryputni” Arkady Nepytalyuk

in theaters from September 28

On one of the bus stations

at the Nizhyn bus stop, Yura, a provincial taxi driver, accidentally stumbles upon a young girl Sveta. Sveta and her mother tempt Yura with money for a trip to Pryputny, a village forgotten by God and people. Due to an incredible coincidence of circumstances, Yura is forced to stay in the village – now it is not at all known when he will get home and what other surprises fate has in store for him.

Budget: UAH 8.575 million.


“Her heart” by Akhtem Seitablaev

in the rental in the fall

The story of the life of a young Crimean Tatar woman, Saida Arifova, who, risking her own life, saved 88 Jewish orphans during the Second World War.

Budget: UAH 31 million. Co-production with Georgia.


“Bobot” by Maxim Ksyonda

In the center of the plot is the twelve-year-old liar and fantasist Vadyk. He constantly talks about his imaginary exploits. But one day he finds himself in the center of a confrontation between two extraterrestrial forces. Bobot is an anthropomorphic walking transformer booth. He helps Vadyk save the world.

Budget: UAH 20 million. Co-production with Georgia.



“Three” by Ivan Kravchyshyn

Western about three friends with different personalities. The action of the upcoming film takes place at the beginning of the 20th century and, according to the authors of the project, these events are very relevant today and resonate with what our country is experiencing today.



Animated family comedy about the girl Clara. She lives in a forest house with three monkeys. Together they go on a journey.


“Jamala.ua” Hanna Akulevich

Documentary observation of the life and work of the singer Jamala.


In 2017-18, Andrea Magnani’s road movie “Izzy” should be released. And in 2018: “Ursus” by Otar Shamatava, “The Dead Man’s Path” by Georgy Fomin, “When the Trees Fall” by Marisa Nikityuk and “The Stolen Princess” by Oleg Malamuzh.

According to Cut Insight, 30 domestic premieres were released in 2016, 24 in 2015, 16 in 2014, and 12 in 2013.