10 foreign film hits filmed in Ukraine

When you watch another foreign movie hit, it seems that it was created somewhere far away. In another, parallel reality, where people not only speak a different language, but also live in a distant historical era, or even in a fictional world.

But be careful with this belief. After all, you may find yourself in the place of that guy from the back row at the cinema, who recently spat all over my back, choking on popcorn, when he saw his native Kyiv street in a Hollywood film.

Foreign filmmakers often come to Ukraine. Here, among other things, it’s cheap to shoot. We have selected the ten most striking foreign film hits in this article. And yes, don’t eat anything while watching…

First hit
Simferopol, Yalta, Swallow’s Nest and the environs of the Foros Fortress can be found in this part of the “Police Academy”. Jackie Chan played the main role in the film, and filming also took place in Russia and Australia. The tape is filled with offensive film bloopers that will amuse our viewer with inscriptions in the spirit of “Like for Rent” and “Snow Karati”.

The House of Flying Daggers
Despite all its cinematography, the Ukrainian Carpathians rarely appear on wide screens. It was here that Chinese maestro Zhang Yimou decided to film the lion’s share of this historical masterpiece. Unpredictable Carpathian weather almost disrupted the filming of the film. While working on a scene for one of the key battles, it suddenly began to snow. However, according to the script, the action was supposed to take place in a green meadow. But as a result, the director was satisfied, since the blood on the white snow looked more impressive.

This Hollywood film was filmed partly in Crimea. The fantasy atmosphere of the film went very well with the mountains and caves in the Yalta and Chufut-Kale region. The lead actor in the film, Michael O’Hern, left Crimea with the best memories. Well, perhaps this was influenced by communication with Ukrainian girls from modeling agencies who were actively recruited for the film.

Carrier 3
Information about the filming of this film in Odessa was kept in the strictest confidence. However, of course, it was not possible to keep this information secret. So a whole crowd of people who wanted to act as extras gathered in front of the set. In the film you can see the streets of the old city, the seaport, as well as country roads. But the most striking Odessa scene was filmed at the Moldavian market. This action in the film takes only a few seconds, but it was filmed all day.

Hardly a departure from Soviet standards of living, Ukraine in the late 1990s somewhat shocked the French film crew who spent three weeks in Kyiv filming the film. The impression of working in the capital was somewhat smoothed out by the collaboration with high-quality Ukrainian and Russian actors, who were actively involved in the film. One of the most striking impressions of the film’s director, Regis Warnier, was, in his words, “a Soviet official in swimming trunks and a gas mask, diving into the muddy water of a swimming pool” to purify the water with bleach.

The star of A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell, played a maniac in this film, whose prototype was Andrei Chikatilo. The filmmakers did not strive to accurately depict the life of a serial killer on screen. In the film you can see views of Kyiv. Initially, the film was planned to be filmed in Russia, but for some reason the work on it was moved to Ukraine. At the end of filming, director David Grieco declared his love for our country.


Light all around
In 1999, writer Foer visited his grandfather’s homeland, resulting in a famous novel. A few years later, a film of the same name was made based on this book. It turned out that its director Lev Schreiber also has Ukrainian roots. As a result, the film showed the whole world the exoticism and flavor of Ukraine. The film was awarded at the Venice Film Festival. It contains views of Lviv and Odessa. Although it was filmed mainly in the Czech Republic.

Farwell case
This picture was originally planned to be filmed in Moscow. And they thought about inviting Russian stars to play the main roles. However, having become familiar with the script, the authorities of our northern neighbors began to create obstacles to work on this picture. As a result, Belokamennaya was “played” by Kyiv and Kharkov. And the roles were distributed between European and Ukrainian actors. In Russia, the film was not shown publicly for several years after its release on screens around the world.

The Italian classic Francesco Rosi shot his last full-length film in Lviv and Kyiv. It is noteworthy that during the filming of the film, its cameraman Pasqualino de Santis died of a heart attack. According to John Torturro, who played the main role in the film, the Ukrainian side organized the filming very well. According to some reports, the authors of the film did not compensate for the damage that was caused to Lvov during filming. It amounted to a tidy sum of $100 thousand.

The Legend of the Pianist
The living classic Giuseppe Tornatore shot one of his best films in South Palmyra with Tim Roth. The role of the ship “Virginia”, on which the action of the film takes place, was played by the decommissioned ship “Lesozavodsk”. Oh Dean from the Odessa museums provided many ship rarities for filming. The film received a Golden Globe for best soundtrack and was also nominated for many other prestigious awards.