10 best European series of recent years

In autumn, attention to series increases significantly. Perhaps because this is the season of new episodes and seasons, or perhaps because cool evenings are very conducive to wrapping up, drinking tea and watching episode after episode. The best European TV series of recent years will keep you glued to your monitors and capture your attention completely.

The Honourable Woman (2014)

Nessie Stein was still a child when she witnessed the murder of her father, which was forever etched in her memory. When Nessie grew up, she continued the work of her late father, who was engaged in supplying weapons to Israel. The arms trade has always taken a back seat for her; Nessie has high goals: she wants to help the Palestinian-Israeli world.

For her noble intentions, the woman was even awarded the title of nobility, but the murder of a Palestinian businessman, who was also involved in the supply of weapons, jeopardized all her efforts. Nessie and her brother come to the attention of the British intelligence services.

The Fall (2013-2016)

In the north of Ireland, in the city of Belfast, a brutal serial killer instills fear in the local population. The police cannot find the maniac terrorizing the city; he is always one step ahead. In the end, experienced detective Stella Gibson takes on the investigation of this dangerous case and will stop at nothing. It is she who manages to find a trail that may lead to the killer, because this is not just an investigation, but a confrontation between two “predators.”

Raid (2009-2014)

Four members of the judicial police of the Paris region learn that their colleague Max has committed suicide. The man was accused by the prosecutor’s office of not tolerant and politically correct treatment of the Arab rapist. For experienced police officers, this event is not an accident, because they know that Max was accused unfairly. The charges against him were based on fabricated facts of infliction of grievous bodily harm and violence allegedly committed by him against a detained criminal.

From this moment on, four brave men of the judicial department decide to conduct an independent investigation, the purpose of which is to prove the innocence of their deceased workmate. And so four officers of the French criminal police begin their own war “against everyone” – not only against bandits and rapists, not only against corrupt or incompetent investigators, but in fact against the entire modern society.

A remote town in the French Alps was flooded in 1977 as a result of a dam failure, killing hundreds of people. Of those who survived, many died over the next few years under various circumstances.

In 2012, 15-year-old Camille Segur, who died in a tour bus accident four years earlier, and 23-year-old Simon Delêtre, who died ten years earlier, return to the city. Following them are other victims of murders and disasters who do not understand what is happening to them and strive to return to their old lives.

They do not yet know that they died many years ago, that they have not aged at all and that no one is waiting for them. They are trying to live as before, taking their place in a society that no longer exists. And this far from simple situation is complicated by the fact that not only civilians have been resurrected, but also a brutal serial killer, and on top of that, the appearance of the living dead is accompanied by many other amazing events.

Vikings (2013-)

The brave and fearless warrior Ragnar Lodblok plans to go to the uncharted lands of England, but many believe that there is no land on the other side of the sea, and going there would doom the ship to destruction. However, Ragnar finds like-minded people and together they take on the construction of a new, much stronger ship. But the life of the Vikings is not only filled with thoughts about campaigns and wars; it also contains love, loyalty, and thoughts about an amazing future.

Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)

Victorian-era London, local residents go about their daily business and don’t even notice that something terrible is brewing on the streets of their hometown. The capital has become a refuge for various evil spirits that can scare anyone. Here you have the strange guy Dorian Gray, and Dr. Jackie along with his alter ego Mr. Hyde, the brilliant German scientist Frankenstein with his creation, as well as the bloodthirsty Count Dracula along with his vampire retinue, and many other equally sinister creatures and personalities.

They all get along well with each other, organizing a real hunt for the souls and bodies of ordinary mortals. The city is gripped by panic and horror. People do not leave their houses and are afraid of every rustle. Van Gelsing comes to the city’s defense. But the main character was a young American – Ethan Chandler. He fell into the trap of insidious vampires and became obsessed with the devilish beauty of the mysterious female medium Vanessa Ives.

Broadchurch (2013-2017)

In the quiet town of Broadchurch, one hot July day, eleven-year-old boy Danny Latimer suddenly disappears. The guy’s mother devotes herself entirely to searching for her son and appeals

to his friend Ellie Miller, who works in the police. After some time, the child’s body is found, Ellie and her employee Alec begin an investigation, they try to uncover the terrible secret of the child’s violent death, each using their own methods. After information about the tragedy spread beyond the city, the whole country is following the investigation.

Grantchester (2014 -)

Sidney Chambers is a priest living in Grantchester, near Cambridge. The residents of this town live an ordinary, measured life, but no one forgets about the war, which ended several years ago.

In a religious community ruled by Sidney, one of its members dies under mysterious circumstances. Chambers is determined to conduct his own investigation. He wants to solve the murder of a man whose wife is German, and all other residents are wary of the people of this nation. At the same time, the mysterious death also interested the police inspector. While investigating the circumstances of the death of a parishioner, a minister of worship and a law enforcement officer become friends.

Endeavor (2012-2017)

In a case investigation, evidence can lead anywhere. Even where you don’t expect to go. Endeavor Mars accidentally finds himself in the city of Oxford, investigating a mysterious case involving the kidnapping of a girl. For a long time he could not find a connection between the disappearance and the traces of the crime, until he discovered that the trail was leaving him in a completely different direction.

The police chief also interfered with the progress of the case, not allowing Endeavor to fully engage in the investigation, eventually driving the policeman into a dead end, and he was removed from the case. Such obstacles only slow down the investigation and prevent us from fully delving into what happened. Only fortitude and the desire to get to the bottom of the truth will give the investigator the strength to figure everything out.

Hotel Beau Sejour (2016 -)

Kato, who recently turned 19, checked into one of the small hotels called Beau Sejour. The place immediately seemed unwelcoming to the girl, but she had to stay here for a while. She spent the night here, and the next morning she woke up covered in blood. The heroine, oddly enough, does not remember anything about what happened before her arrival at the hotel, and about what happened at night. When she woke up, she saw herself outside her body. The girl saw her dead body and was overcome with icy horror. While she could still remain on this planet, Kato decided to do everything in her power to personally find the scoundrel who so easily deprived her of earthly life.


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