10 interesting facts about the film “Dangerous Business”

The premiere of the comedy film “Dangerous Business” is scheduled for April 4, 2018. In anticipation of the exciting story, we invite you to familiarize yourself with interesting facts about the film.

The action-comedy “Dangerous Business” was directed by Nash Edgerton, brother of actor Joel Edgerton. He tried himself in almost all cinematic specialties. And he is directing a film for wide screens for the second time.
Nash Edgerton worked for many years as a stunt specialist in Hollywood. It was he who was responsible for the stunts in the films “The Matrix Reloaded”, “Star Wars: Episode 2”, “Moulin Rouge”. Judging by the trailer, there will be plenty of stunts in “Dangerous Business.”
The script for the film was written by Anthony Tambakis.
Plot: The hero of the film has been working for a reputable company for a long time. His life changed dramatically when a long-legged beauty with blond hair came to power. The woman immediately established her own rules in the organization. One day she managed to deduce the secret formula for success. Now this magical thing is becoming the center of attention of everyone who wants to get rich.
The first person who wants to receive substantial money for knowing the recipe for the formula turns out to be the hero of the film. He hires serious people to help him initiate his own dangerous kidnapping. Thus, he hopes that the boss will not spare money for such a valuable employee and will provide a ransom for him. However, the blonde does not intend to part with the money. It is much easier for her to part with an employee.
The role of the boss of a large company mired in deception is played by 42-year-old Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron. In the official trailer for the film, Charlize Theron appeared in a seductive image: with red lipstick and an unbuttoned shirt that showed her underwear.
The casting process began in 2014. Among the leading actors are the already mentioned director’s brother Joel, as well as the winner of the Oscar for Best Actress for the film “Monster” – Charlize Theron. The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Thandie Newton and Michael Angarano.
This is the second collaboration between Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried; they previously played together in the film A Million Ways to Lose Your Head.
Singer Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, made her debut as an actress in this comedy.

Charlize Theron became interested in this project back in 2014. She also acted as a producer of the film.
Principal photography on the film began on March 7, 2016.