Man always wins when competing with artificial intelligence – artist Volodymyr on money, technology and auctions

On February 22 at 3 p.m., People’s Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk opened a personal exhibition and auction at the Museum of the History of Medicine (37 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo St.). All profits from the sale of paintings and auction lots will go towards the purchase of medicines and medical materials for the wounded, who are provided with medical assistance by the Vinnytsia City Emergency Clinical Hospital.

“Not everyone has the time and energy to see what kind of load doctors endure, how much help is needed every day and what inhuman injuries the enemy inflicts on the best sons and daughters of our country. But everyone can be useful and involved in the help that saves lives and preserves health right now. Today at the exhibition you will see works created with the help of technology, but no technology works without a person, without his creativity, without an idea,” says the author of the works, People’s Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyuk.

The “Controlled Evolution” exhibition and charity auction is a constantly working initiative. Polar worlds, each has its own life’s work and professional interests, but they all united so that humanity has the strength and voice to win.

The curator of the exhibition and the author of the concept, Kateryna Kostenko, defines the goal and idea of the project: “I sincerely hope that we do not forget what the word “human” means, so that the question of why we live on Earth does not lose its relevance. Our project is a clear confirmation that the topic “what it means to be a person” is an urgent issue today.”

“This is not the first experience of working with Artificial Intelligence, many of my colleagues in the world and in Ukraine have tried to use AI technology. But, as you know, creativity ends where skill begins. If evaluated purely technically, the manner of execution – the result was impeccable, but there was no soul in these works. They were too perfect, without flaws and shortcomings and as a result without the imprint of the author’s personality, and in art – this is the most important thing. In the series “Controlled Evolution” presented at the exhibition, it was possible to combine a powerful idea and modern technologies. Looking at the historical portraits created by AI, you will definitely feel a response, as if invisible strings of time connect the present, each of you and those who loved, cultivated and defended our land” – states the artist.

The project was implemented with the support of Yury Kotyk, Oleksandr Furduy and the Kozytsky Charitable Foundation, the project’s curator is Kateryna Kostenko.

“The modern world is a technology competition. New ones appear almost every day, they are replaced by newer ones, but none of them will replace a person. To put it simply: a person can turn off the computer, but not vice versa. But this will not always be the case, and we must remember the eternal values of being human. For more than 10 years, we at ITTA have been teaching how to become your own in the digital world, how to monetize your own skills. Teaching adults is a difficult task, but teaching them to empathize, to be human, is even more difficult. And this understanding comes precisely when you look at the “Controlled Evolution” portraits – Artem Goncharenko, president of the International Transfer Technology Association, shares his impressions.

The exhibition “Managed Evolution” opened on February 22 at the Museum of the History of Medicine (37 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo St.)