Українські жінки військові

Ukrainian women are famous all over the world for their beauty. Not a single adequate rating of the most beautiful girls can do without Ukrainians. But the barbaric war of russia against Ukraine opened a new facet in the female beauty of our compatriots. Girls in military uniform were attractive in their own way. We have selected photos that show Ukrainian beauties on the battlefield.

These pictures show that the military uniform emphasizes girlish beauty as well as fine dresses, and weapons in their gentle hands look just as cool as elegant accessories.

Almost every girl loves professional themed photo shoots to capture some more interesting moments. One of the most popular topics for photo shoots is the military. On it, the girl becomes bold, emphasizes her own strong character. To make the photos spectacular, it is very important to think over the image and additional details.

Choice of clothes

Most often they use a camouflage suit, you can choose a modern imitation of a military uniform in any store. Military has remained fashionable for many years, so designers do not stop sewing clothes in this style. Under the suit, you can buy a T-shirt in a green tint.

Shoes can be military, but not necessarily. You can create a more seductive and expressive image. For example, a girl can complement a military look with boots or boots with high wedges or stilettos.

Makeup, hairstyle

Girls are recommended to make a concise, strict hairstyle for such photos. It can be a ponytail, a braid or smoothly combed hair. Makeup is best done as natural as possible. You can use bright accents, but they should harmonize beautifully with the image as a whole.

Shooting props

A photo shoot will seem real if you choose the right props:

  • buy grenades, weapons that resemble the real thing;
  • rent airguns;
  • use belts, vests, helmets.

In addition, the girl can take a cap, hang it on the uniform of the order and other details that have something in common with the theme of the photo shoot.

Locations for the photo session

Military photography can be of two types – location and studio. You can create a simple background in the studio and make great photos. But for this it is very important to think over the details, images.

As for the exit photo session, there are several options:

  • Outdoors. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is outside. The pictures will be dynamic and quite bright. You can take pictures in the forest or field;
  • a house or factory where no one lives or works. That is abandoned premises. They look spectacular and can convey the desired atmosphere;
  • bomb shelters, catacombs, range. This is ideal for shooting in a military theme;
  • open-air museum. In many cities there are special museums where tanks, planes, military equipment are presented. The girl on their background will look very good.

In the presence of complex places, attributes, poses, it is important to think carefully in advance. If necessary, sometimes you will need to undergo a briefing.