There Will Be Humans: premiere of teaser of Ukrainian TV-series

This autumn, STB channel will feature a loud premiere of a 12-episode film There Will Be Humans produced by FILM.UA and commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Informational Policy. This is an epic drama and a screening of an iconic novel by Anatoliy Dimarov which describes human destinies against the background of historical events.

Specially for the release, the authors have prepared a teaser. The emotional video familiarizes the audience with the protagonists, dramatic changes and passionate love.

The series is built in the form of a saga and through the prism of life of regular people shows turbulent stages of the 20th century: World War I, revolution, and the arrival of Soviet authorities.

Each character has faced these changes in their own way, from one’s own point of view, but all of them were united by the will to live, love and find their place in the new dimension of history. 12 episodes. 12 main characters. 12 extraordinary destinies. It is a story of dramatic change, passionate love and the value of human life. It is about people who lived one hundred years ago but are so similar to us.

Historical accuracy and relevance of events will surely touch the hearts of viewers. The story of each Ukrainian, each Ukrainian family has those dramatic episodes which allow to understand our own nature and contemporary times. These are our traditions and culture, which are important to remember. This is the history and events we cannot forget about.

Olesya Lukyanenko, creative producer, tells about the series: “This project is important for our society. Its characters are our great-grandfathers who had to live in turbulent times and face one of the biggest tragedies of our past. The project has a complicated theme and a multilayered structure. But as it seems to me, thanks to the intimate dimension, showing history through the stories of our families and ancestors, we managed to avoid too much grandeur and instead created a really touching piece of work. I want to believe that now we have our own film saga, like 20th Century.”

Understanding the importance of this topic, FILM.UA Group together with STB channel and USAID will do a lot of work on its coverage. Our goal is not just to draw attention of the audience to this film but also to bring to the surface of public discourse the issue of history, both individual and national,” said Polina Tolmachova, marketing director at FILM.UA Group.

We started developing the screening of Anatoliy Dimarov’s novel over three years ago. And the project has come a long way because such complicated and wide-scale initiatives require a lot of time and resources. Thanks to the state support we received the audience will see the series already this autumn. And we are very grateful to our partners at FILM.UA Group for their work on implementing this huge project.  

As There Will Be Humans is an extraordinary novel and the issues it raises are truly global, we believe that the screening will become a noticeable TV and cultural event for our country. And it will also encourage publishing houses to prepare a new edition of the book by Anatoliy Dimarov so that it becomes available to wide readership,” noted the managing director of the STB TV channel Lyudmila Semchuk.              

The series was created with the support of Ministry of Culture and Informational Policy of Ukraine.

Ukrainian premiere: autumn of 2020

Genre: family saga, historical drama

Type: TV series

Production: FILM.UA, commissioned by Ministry of Culture and Informational Policy, STB channel

Director: Arkadiy Nepytalyuk

Producers: Sergiy Demydov, Viktor Mirsky, Lyudmyla Semchuk

Creative producer: Olesya Lukyanenko

Executive producer: Valeria Tkachuk

Cameraman: Dmytro Yurikov

Screenwriters: Tetyana Schehelska, Taras Antypovych, based on Anatoliy Dimarov’s novel There Will Be Humans

Cast: Ostap Dzyadek, Akmal Gurezov, Olena Borozenets, Kateryna Hryhorenko, Viktor Zhdanov, Kostyantyn Temlyak, Oleksandr Piskunov, Oleksandr Mavryts, Makar Tykhomyrov, Anna Tambova, Vitaliy Azhnov, Alina Kostyukova, Ihor Koltovsky


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