Best Batman Movies: rating

Batman is a superhero, and this statement is beyond doubt. And he is a well-known character in modern pop culture. Batman is recognizable and remains relevant for almost 60 years. Movies about Batman remain one of the most popular in the box office.

Let’s talk about the movies where Batman appeared. The list contains tapes of different quality.

Movies about Batman: what is worth seeing

Justice league

Bruce Wayne was inspired by Superman’s penchant for self-sacrifice and regained his true faith in humanity. He also enlists the support of his new girlfriend, Prince Diana. She will help Wayne fight a powerful opponent. Wonder Woman and Batman quickly assemble a team of superhumans to fight a new threat. But, despite the stellar composition, saving the planet turns out to be very difficult, if not impossible…

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

In this tape, the viewer is immersed in the universe of comics. The city has drowned in banditry and dirt, so it really needs an urgent purge of corrupt politicians and officials.

The protagonist, almost at the very beginning of the film, performs a very mysterious act – namely, he blows up Batman’s vehicle with a laser beam. The guys, of course, were not close friends, but they had not previously been at enmity, but here it is. What prompted such an act? It’s hard to say, but even Batman’s thirst for revenge haunts. A sworn enemy enters the arena – it is he who, as it turned out, is able to perfectly play on the feelings and emotions of a person, control mutants and frame Superman.

Batman and Robin

When an ordinary couple of friends quarrel, only they themselves suffer, another thing is a clash of interests of fellow superheroes. While both were seething passions, the whole city came under attack. The peace of the peaceful town of Gotham is guarded by Batman and his faithful team, the most active assistant of the superhero is the young Robin. True, the calm did not last long – its violators quickly arose, in this case the botanist Poison Ivy and the evil mutant Mr. Freeze. On the one hand, both villains are banal victims of circumstances, on the other hand, superpowers do not leave time for reflection …

Batman forever

The famous crime fighter Batman must fight a couple of supervillains – this is the crazy evil Two-Face, who was doused with acid in half of his face, and the computer genius The Riddler. The criminals are united by dislike for Batman – in fact, it became the basis for the formation of an eccentric bright duet to destroy the enemy. The superhero’s assistant in the movie will be Robin, a former circus acrobat.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Gotham City has a new hero. He wears a mask and black cape and hunts down mafia gangs, killing their members on the spot. It casts a very definite shadow on Batman. Journalists, authorities, the police, the criminal world bring charges of murder to the Dark Knight – and he has no choice but to look for and catch the mysterious vigilante.

Lego Batman

Gotham – the city of cities – is in grave danger. Problems again began to create an eccentric restless Joker – the embodiment of uncompromising charismatic evil. The mad genius just made another high-profile escape from the hospital. Naturally, the Joker will not just sit around waiting for something incomprehensible. He came up with an insidious plan and is actively preparing another disaster. Only Batman can prevent a natural disaster – all hope is on him.

Batman (2022)

Batman spent two years trying to get justice in the town of Gotham, as a result of which he became a true hero in the eyes of the locals. But soon he has to face the next troubles. The elite of the city is attacked by unknown persons, Wayne takes on another investigation. The only problem is that Batman was among the suspects in the case …

Batman (1966)

Batman and Robin learn that Schmidlapp was attacked on his own yacht. Heroes without a moment’s hesitation rush to help a friend. But a trap has already been set up for them on the spot, set up by the world’s greatest villains – they want to destroy the heroes. The spray dehydrator is the main weapon of the monsters, with its help they plan to work the whole world. Will the superheroes be able to deal with the danger that has arisen, will they have enough superpowers and ingenuity to outwit the Riddle with the Joker?

Batman (1989)

The protagonist Batman hides under his favorite bat mask. He also wears a bulletproof vest and drives a Batmobile supercar. The film is based on the classic comic book storyline – that is, the struggle between good and evil. Bruce Wayne himself experienced a huge tragedy as a child – he saw the death of his beloved parents, they were simply killed on the streets of Gotham during an attempted robbery. The city became more and more dangerous over time, with an increase in purely violent incidents. Is there really no way out? Of course there is – and Batman will help.

Gotham for a long time could not recover from the cases of the Joker, but the concrete but the crime was over. Batman had to disappear right after he took the blame for the late Harvey Dent. But a new threat looms over the city – this time in the person of Bane. The city suffers greatly from criminal tyranny. It seems that only the legendary hero Batman can fix the situation. Will he succeed?

So, in this collection we have described films about Batman from different times. Choose to your taste. Also read our material on the evolution of Batman in cinema.