War in Ukraine: 10 true films

Films about the war in Ukraine are special. They penetrate into the very soul and leave few people indifferent. They tell stories about people who have gone through difficult times. The military sacrificed their lives for the sake of their homeland because the country’s freedom was at stake. But peaceful people have gone through many trials. Some left their home to save the lives of children and relatives, while others remained at the epicenter of military events to provide assistance to people in need.

Today I wanted to take a closer look at popular war films that tell in vivid colors how war changes our lives once and for all. This is not fiction, these are real stories about the lives of people who have gone through many trials.


A military tragicomedy, which was created on the basis of amateur YouTube videos filmed in the eastern part of Ukraine. Its director was Sergei Loznitsa. The film “Donbass” is a joint production of five European countries. It was presented to the audience on May 9, 2018. The premiere took place at the Cannes International Film Festival. This film project was awarded the Ukrainian Prize named after Alexander Dovzhenko. The director was not left without an award either. Sergei Loznitsa received the prize for best director’s work.

Bad roads

This is another film about the war in Donbass, which touched the hearts of people from different countries of the world. The film project “Bad Roads” consists of four short stories. It describes events taking place in 2015. After watching the film, viewers will learn about the relationships between people that develop against the backdrop of a military conflict. The idea of the film is four broken roads and four types of relationships. It touches on issues of trust and love, hatred and betrayal. This film was nominated for an award from the American Film Academy.

The earth is blue like an orange

This is a full-length documentary film that was filmed in 2020. Its director was Irina Tsilik. The film was awarded Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival. The film “The Earth Is Blue Like an Orange” tells the story of a family who lives in the “red zone”. Military operations have been going on here for more than five years. The lives of people in the front-line zone have changed significantly. Now they have to adapt to a completely new life. The main character of the film is Anna, who is raising four children alone. Despite the fact that the family experiences many difficulties, it is friendly and cheerful. In wartime, people develop completely different values.

Call sign Banderas

The film was released in 2018. Here the main character is the experienced military man Anton Saenko. The captain has his own special call sign – “Banderas”. Sayenko became a participant in the anti-terrorist operation. The captain and his colleagues will have to prevent sabotage in order to prevent the death of civilians. They have to go through many tests.


The war film has been nominated for an Oscar in 2021. This is a project by director Valentin Vasyanovich. He decided to look a little into the future. Events in 2025 are considered here. Ukraine became the winner of the war in Donbass. From now on, these territories are controlled by Kyiv, but they are destroyed, normal life is impossible on them, but everything is ahead. It’s only a matter of time. The film “Atlantis”, despite the fact that non-professional actors starred in it, received four Grand Prix. It has been shown at over 50 festivals, which says a lot.


This is one of the newest war films made in Ukraine. He was awarded at the Berlinale. The film received the ecumenical jury prize in the “Panorama” category. “Klondike” talks about military actions taking place in the Donbass. Its plot is based on a plane crash that occurred in 2014.


The Ukrainian film “Home” was appreciated by many television viewers from around the world. It was awarded at the Bosphorus Film Festival for the best foreign film. The film “Home” was the project of the Crimean Tatar director Nariman Aliyev. The main character of the story is the Crimean Tatar Mustafa. His sons went to Kyiv after the annexation of Crimea. The eldest son dies. As a result, the father decides to go to the capital in order to save his youngest son Alim.


If possible, be sure to watch the war film “Cherkasy”. It has quite an interesting plot. The main characters are guys from a Ukrainian village named Mishka and Lev. The action takes place in 2014. Mishka and Lev find themselves on the Ukrainian warship Cherkassy. Together with other ships, they are blocked in Lake Donuzlav.

Ilovaisk 2014. Battalion “Donbass”

Viewers saw the film for the first time in 2019. It tells about the military events taking place in eastern Ukraine. The battalion of volunteers, which received the name “Donbass”, will have to liberate Popasnoe from the militants. The film received quite a lot of positive reviews from film critics.

Mother of the Apostles

The film was directed by Zaza Buadze. The film received two awards at the Spanish Film Festival. This is a war drama that talks about the boundless love of a mother for her son. A mother is capable of much to save her son. She is ready to go through even war. The film was based on real events and tells the story of a woman who went to the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass to find her missing son, who is serving in the Ukrainian army.