Released the trailer for the series “Raised by Wolves” by Ridley Scott

Blade Runner and The Martian creator Ridley Scott produced and directed Raised by Wolves, a post-apocalyptic TV series that tells the story of two androids raising human children on a colonized planet, writes CutInsight.

Plot: The earth is destroyed. The few remnants of humanity are trying to start life from scratch on a new planet. Mother is one of the two androids, transferred with people to the planet. She has to educate children and prepares to protect them from the “big bad wolf”. It is assumed that the main intrigue is whether the Mother is the protector of people or uses them for her own purposes.

“I’m always looking for new frontiers in the sci-fi genre, and Raised by Wolves is a truly original story. It’s a well-made world filled with characters trying to find answers to existential questions:“ What makes us human? What is family? What would we do if we got the chance to start all over again? Would we survive? Would the new world be better? ”Said Sir Ridley Scott.

He also admitted that he was inspired by his own films, such as “Alien” and “Blade Runner”.

So far, only one season is planned, consisting of ten episodes. It will air on HBO Max on September 3.

The main roles in the series were played by Travis Fimmel, formerly the famous Calvin Klein mannequin and now known for his role as Ragnar Lothbrok in the TV series “Vikings”, Danish actress Amanda Collin and Abubakar Salim, known for the game Assassin’s Creed: Origins, where he played the main character Bayek …

We will remind, earlier in the network appeared a trailer for the comedy “Palm Springs“.


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