Фрики — ты одна из нас
Фрики — ты одна из нас

Netflix has presented a trailer for the new fantastic German movie “Freaks – You Are One of Us”, which tells about people with supernormal abilities. The premiere of the film is scheduled for September 2.

The picture is dedicated not to the usual superheroes in beautiful costumes, which we are used to seeing in blockbusters. And to absolutely ordinary citizens who do not know about their abilities or are even ashamed of them.

The main character Wendy works in a diner and at first cannot even get a promotion, but due to an accidental conflict on the way home she realizes her strength. It turns out that many years of medication have muted her superpowers, but now she not only gets superpowers, but also meets other people of the same kind, including her work colleague Elmar. And when she finds out about this, she realizes that not only she has such powers. While the heroine is trying to figure out what is happening, people like her are hunted down.

The main characters were played by Cornelia Gröschel (Planet Ottakring), Tim Oliver (Experiment 2: The Wave) and Wotan Wilke Möring (Operation Valkyrie).

We will remind, earlier in the network there were trailers of the surreal drama “I’m thinking of ending it all” from Charlie Kaufman, as well as the action movie with Jessica Chastain “Agent Eve“.