Ukrainian cinema at the Berlinale: Chronicle

The Berlin Film Festival starts on February 5th. Domestic films rarely make it into its competition programs. This year, Alexey German Jr.’s film “Under Electric Clouds,” which was filmed in a co-production in Ukraine, Russia and Poland, will compete for its main award.

Chronicle of Ukrainian cinema at the Berlin Film Festival:


“Panorama” section: the frank film “The Voice of the Grass” by Natalia Motuzko



short film competition: “Sasha” by Nikolay Kaptan



main competition “Three Stories” by Kira Muratova (film shot in co-production with Russia)


year 2001

section “Panorama”: “Shooting Range” by Taras Tomenko. Grand Prix for Best Short Film, as well as the New York Film Academy Prize



out of competition: “Prayer for Hetman Mazepa” by Yuri Ilyenko



Animation film competition: “Tram No. 9 was on the way” by Stepan Koval. The short film was awarded the Silver Bear



section “Cinema of the week”: “The Blonde Dies Twice” by Vera Yakovenko. The film won in its section


2005 year

short film competition: “Help” by Kira Muratova

section “Forum”: “Guide” by Alexander Shapiro



section “Young Cinema Forum”: “HappyPeople” by Alexander Shapiro

Children’s Film Festival program: “Poverty” by Stepan Koval

a member of the jury of the main competition of the film festival that year was the writer Andrei Kurkov


year 2009

short film competition: “Diagnosis” by Miroslav Slaboshpytsky



short film competition: “Deafness” by Miroslav Slaboshpytsky



main competition: “On Saturday” by Alexander Mindadze (film shot in co-production with Russia and Germany)

out of competition: “Anya, Volga, Rock and Roll” by Konstantin Konovalov


year 2012

out of competition, “Toischoproishovkrizvogon” by Mikhail Ilyenko and “Rock ‘n’ Ball” by Dmitry Prikhodko were shown


year 2013

section “Talent Campus”: “Red Malanka” by Dmitry Sukholitky-Sobchuk

out of competition: a selection of young Ukrainian cinema (“Ukrainian Lessons” by Ruslan Batitsky, “The Road” by Maxim Ksenda, “Remembrance” by Irina Tsylyk, “First Step in the Clouds” by Alina Gorlova and “At least 50 kg” by Marina and Oksana Artemenko)

presentation of Russian film classics and a special screening of “Earth” by Alexander Dovzhenko, accompanied by Dahi Brakha


year 2014

Several young domestic directors are participating in the Talent Campus. A disc with the best Ukrainian short films of 2013 has been presented



main competition: “Under Electric Clouds” by Alexey German Jr. Film operator Sergei Mikhalchuk was awarded the Silver Bear.

section “Berlinale co-production market” – “Luxembourg” by Miroslav Slaboshpitsky

out of competition: Ukranimafilm presents four animated works: “The Adventures of Kotigoroshko and His Friends”, “Babai”, “Attraction” and “Halabudka”