The tradition of winning: 98 years of the founding of Dynamo FC of Ukraine

The first decade of November, usually the period of national celebrations and sports competitions. According to tradition, the largest sports public association has been celebrating its anniversary since its foundation for 98 years. In the conditions of full-scale military aggression, when more than 3,000 people from Dynamo are defending Ukraine at the front, titled athletes, well-known activists and government officials gathered to support the tradition and the Ukrainian sports movement in the conditions of war.

Honorary guests of the FST “Dynamo” of Ukraine were: Heorhiy Mazurashu, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Youth and Sports, Serhiy Shkarlet, Minister of Education and Science, Kateryna Pavlichenko, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Matviy Bidny, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Valery Borzov vice president of the NOC, the main characters of the celebrations were outstanding athletes who are prize winners and Olympic champions: Lyudmila Turishcheva, Lyudmila Luzan, Taras Danko, Gennadiy Avramenko, the heads of law enforcement agencies also joined the event.

Viktor Korzh, the first deputy chairman of the FST “Dynamo” of Ukraine emphasized that despite the cancellation of all sports events in the first half of 2022 during the period of martial law, the FST “Dynamo” of Ukraine did not stop work, fundamentally changing the format of its activities and concentrating on providing assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. territorial defense, forced migrants and all those who are fighting.

Urgent humanitarian directions were added to the Society’s daily tasks of physical culture and health work, implementation of the state policy regarding the involvement of children in physical education and sports, education of patriotism and humanistic values, preparation of the Olympic reserve.

“We organized and conducted 41 humanitarian events, we have 11 charity events for over 1,000 participants. More than UAH 200,000 was collected for the needs of the Armed Forces, other military formations and internally displaced persons. We also collected and distributed more than 190 tons of humanitarian aid. For more than 5,000 of our citizens, who became refugees as a result of military aggression, the FST “Dynamo” of Ukraine found and arranged new homes. Therefore, the motto of FST “Dynamo” of Ukraine – strength in movement and unity is not only about sports, this is how we understand our vocation to unite the sports community of our country” – said Viktor Korzh, first deputy chairman of Dynamo.

The announcement of a new direction of cooperation with the Charitable Fund “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” was added to the congratulations and tributes on the 98th anniversary – a collection for mobile hospitals for the front.

“The availability of emergency professional medical care in modern conditions means 100 lives of our citizens every day, the best and bravest defenders. Today, the front urgently needs 52 mobile hospitals, the first of them will go to the East in almost two weeks. Friends, I am sure that with the habit and will to win as FST “Dynamo” of Ukraine, medical care will become available to every defender of our country” – urged Artem Goncharenko, head of the BF “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine”.