Top features to chase at online slots

Modern slot players expect slots at Virgin pay by phone bill to come with features and bonuses as standard, anything else would be a disappointment. This is because bonus rounds and special features have been part of slot games for many years and those who discovered these games online, do not know any difference.

New features are constantly being introduced to slots and this helps to keep these games interesting. What makes a top feature is all down to personal taste, although slot developers do keep a close eye on the features and bonuses that are particularly popular with the slot playing public and build upon these, with every new release.

Base Game Features

The base game of a slot is not the most interesting part of these games, instead, it is an introduction to the game and the themes within it. Special features were introduced to liven up these base spins whilst players waited to trigger a bonus round. Now they have become a major part of new slot releases. Not all slots have special features in the base game, and this includes classics such as Cleopatra, Book of Ra, and Book of Dead. However, these features are a welcome addition, because they can boost the chance of winning, even if a bonus round fails to materialize.

Slots and Wilds

Whether it is a base spin or bonus, Wilds are extremely important in the world of slots. They mimic other symbols and therefore create winning sequences even if there is a matching symbol shortfall. Wilds have become more creative and now come in various forms such as Stacked Wilds, and Sticky Wilds. All these and more make slot games that have features built around Wilds well worth chasing.

Games like The Hand of Midas utilize Sticky Wilds in the bonus round, but what is unusual here is that the Wilds that fall on the reels can either be single, double, or triple Wilds which all add to the multiplier which increases with each spin. It is a fascinating feature to watch in action and well worth the chase.

Microgaming Classics

Two classic slots from the Microgaming slot archive have a Wild symbol feature at the heart of their base games. Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II contain a feature that turns complete reels wild. Both are very similar to each other but have different names. In Immortal Romance the feature is known as Wild Desire, whilst Thunderstruck II calls it the Wild Storm. Both involve random reels becoming Stacked Wilds, the reel positions chosen, and the number of wild reels produced, is vital to the outcome.

Other Prominent Slot Features

More recent slot game features include the Fire Blaze Jackpot mechanism, and this involves special slot symbols which are usually Orbs with cash amounts displayed within them, or Golden Stars which indicate a Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot prize being mixed with standard slot symbols. Players need 6 or more to land in view to trigger a Re-spin bonus round.

Collecting cash prizes during a bonus round is also popular, and this feature can be seen in action whilst playing the fishing-based slots such as Fishing Frenzy. You do need the Fisherman himself to land with the cash prizes, so he can reel them all in and get them added to player’s casino bankrolls.


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