Top 5 Ukrainian films of 2014

Film critics and film journalists have identified the five most interesting Ukrainian films of the past year. Interestingly, three of them are documentaries, and another one is on the border between fiction and documentary films.

“Twilight” by Valentin Vasyanovich was recognized as the leader. Let us remember that it was named the best domestic film at last year’s Odessa Film Festival. She also received a number of prizes at other film festivals.

Full rating:

1. Twilight (dir. Valentin Vasyanovich)
2. Euromaidan. Rough editing (almanac)
3. Goodbye, cinephiles (dir. Stanislav Bityutskaya)
4. Brothers. The Last Confession (dir. Victoria Trofimenko)
5. Living Vatra (dir. Ostap Kostyuk)

At the same time, “Twilight” and “Euromaidan…” received an average rating of “5” (“excellent work”). “Brothers…” and “Living Fire” were recognized as “good work” (rating “4”). And Bityutsky’s work was rated 4.5 points.

The organizer of the survey is the Bureau of Ukrainian Film Journalism. 23 respondents from Kyiv, Lvov, Odessa and Kherson expressed their assessment. The survey took place in January-February 2015.