Let’s start from good news. Tom Hanks, so far the first biggest celebrity to contract coronavirus and first to survive it, did the opening monologue by video connection for the Saturday Night Live broadcast in which, besides him, Larry David, Alec Baldwin and Chris Martin took part. Also from their homes. Hanks looked healthy and as fit for SNL joked on his own account: “Ever since being diagnosed, I have been more like America’s dad than ever before. Since no one wants to be around me very long and I make people uncomfortable”.

The CBS TV legal series All Rise is getting ready to produce its first totally virtual episode by filming the actors using Zoom, FaceTime, WebEx and other online tools. The episode will be filmed in actors’ homes and VFX technology will be used to compose appropriate backgrounds. A cinematographer will film from his car the deserted exteriors of Los Angeles.

There are some, actually pretty many bad news. One of them is, ironically, the best case scenario: If all 5400 movie theaters in North America (US and Canada combined) stay closed for three month but after opening people start to go to see films in big numbers, the 2020 gross box office will be around $6.82 billion, the lowest figure in more than 20 years and almost 40% less than $11.4 gross in 2019. If the attendance will build back slowly, the year’s haul will reach only $6.36 billion. This prediction is based on “only” 3 months shutdown. But who would know today how long will this drama last?


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