Quentin Tarantino: best films

Quentin Tarantino is a director who is world famous. You may like it or not, but the pictures taken by Tarantino definitely do not leave the viewer indifferent.

Interested in the work of the legendary director? Then you will love our review. From it you will learn about all the popular tapes of Tarantino – from the first attempts at writing to real masterpieces.

Pulp Fiction and More: Tarantino’s Popular Movies

Death proof

One of the main characters is a former professional stuntman. Mike received from the past not only a lot of scars, injuries, but also serious mental problems. For example, the main character believes that he is able to survive in general in any car accident. But he does not want to understand a simple thing: the place of a stuntman in a special car is not arranged at all like in a regular one. Accordingly, the driver can be seriously injured or die.

And Mike is a true psycho. He meets girls and invites them to ride, after which the ladies just die. The police become suspicious, but the lack of evidence allows Mike to come out clean from the water. But retribution will still happen.

Hateful Eight

A kind of western in the spirit of Tarantino. The American Civil War is over, but gunshots are still ringing in places. Headhunters are rumored to be involved. One of the most sinister is the Executioner – the main character of the film. John Kurt (real name of the Executioner) seeks out Daisy – a fugitive sentenced to be hanged – in order to receive a reward. But along the way, the protagonist and the captive end up in a very peculiar abandoned small town. The latter is inhabited by unexpected, colorful characters – a couple of officers, an impostor sheriff, a very strange Mexican. Fans of action films will like the tape. Western parodies deserve special attention.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The film is dedicated to the famous actor Rick Dalton. He, along with an understudy, wants to become famous in the film industry. The story takes place in 1969. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

In fact, the film has become a cinematic capsule. Tarantino shot it in an original manner, which differs from the usual style of work. So it’s definitely worth a look – both to learn something new and to glorify a once lost era.

Django Unchained

Bounty hunter King Schultz hides behind his profession, which he actively pursued in the past. Schultz is a dentist, but at one point he decided to kill his slave trader brothers and free Django. It is Django who must help the protagonist find the three Britle brothers, who were previously overseers on plantations. Schultz finds the brothers and successfully deals with them, after which he offers the freed slave to take on the role of a partner in the hunt for criminals. Django immediately agrees – especially since he has his own goal: to free his beloved Broomhilda, who is also in slavery.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is the main character of the film. She works as a flight attendant and at times smuggles money into Los Angeles from Mexico City. Her crime boss is Robbie Ordell. One day, not the most beautiful for Jackie, she is still arrested. But law enforcement officers offer the girl a deal – to hand over Ordell and get freedom. The heroine has to agree. Robbie realizes that the case smells fried and is looking for a hitman to eliminate Jackie. But he underestimated Brown – she guesses the boss’s intentions and builds her own plan of action.

Kill Bill

The Bride is a mysterious girl who was part of an elite assassination squad, considered an expert in swordsmanship. One day she decides to change her usual way of life. The former hitman is planning to get married and move to a quiet place. That’s just the boss of the Bride Bill did not agree with this state of affairs. First, he attacks the wedding, kidnaps the child of the main character, and she herself falls into a coma. Subsequently, the Bride sets herself one goal – to kill Bill.

Inglourious Basterds

Hans Landa (a German officer) in 1941 visits Lapaditte’s milk form – the Jewish Dreyfus family was hiding there. Landa shoots old people, children, men and women, but Shoshanna lets them escape – however, he keeps the girl at gunpoint to the horizon.

After 3 years, at the final stage of World War II, America’s lieutenant Aldo Rein recruits a group of soldiers to enter French territory. In an occupied country, he wants to carry out a sabotage operation. Shoshanna works at a movie theater and decides to start a fire at the same moment. After all, the entire Nazi elite, including Hitler himself, should come to the premiere of a German patriotic tape.

Pulp Fiction

Jules Winfield and Vincent Vega philosophize on different topics in the pauses between showdowns and “solving problems” in their criminal world. Plus, quite domestic incidents are unfolding in parallel. Vincent looks after Mia, Marsellus’ wife. This allows you to save her from an overdose. Then there is Butch Coolidge, a boxer hired by Wallace. In the third story the first two are combined.


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